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KODI::RETRO::CDeltaPairMemoryStream::DeltaPair Struct Reference

#include <DeltaPairMemoryStream.h>

Public Attributes

size_t pos
uint32_t delta

Detailed Description

Rewinding is implemented by applying XOR deltas on the specific parts of the save state buffer which have changed. In practice, this is very fast and simple (linear scan) and allows deltas to be compressed down to 1-3% of original save state size depending on the system. The algorithm runs on 32 bits at a time for speed.

Use std::deque here to achieve amortized O(1) on pop/push to front and back.

Member Data Documentation

◆ delta

uint32_t KODI::RETRO::CDeltaPairMemoryStream::DeltaPair::delta

◆ pos

size_t KODI::RETRO::CDeltaPairMemoryStream::DeltaPair::pos

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