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hdr_metadata_infoframe Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint8_t eotf
uint8_t metadata_type
struct { 
   uint16_t   x 
   uint16_t   y 
display_primaries [3] 
struct { 
   uint16_t   x 
   uint16_t   y 
uint16_t max_display_mastering_luminance
uint16_t min_display_mastering_luminance
uint16_t max_cll
uint16_t max_fall

Member Data Documentation

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } hdr_metadata_infoframe::display_primaries[3]

◆ eotf

uint8_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::eotf

◆ max_cll

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::max_cll

◆ max_display_mastering_luminance

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::max_display_mastering_luminance

◆ max_fall

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::max_fall

◆ metadata_type

uint8_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::metadata_type

◆ min_display_mastering_luminance

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::min_display_mastering_luminance

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } hdr_metadata_infoframe::white_point

◆ x

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::x

◆ y

uint16_t hdr_metadata_infoframe::y

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