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CGUIAction Class Reference

#include <GUIAction.h>


class  CExecutableAction

Public Member Functions

 CGUIAction ()=default
 CGUIAction (int controlID)
bool ExecuteActions () const
bool ExecuteActions (int controlID, int parentID, const std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItem > &item=nullptr) const
bool HasConditionalActions () const
bool HasActionsMeetingCondition () const
bool HasAnyActions () const
size_t GetActionCount () const
int GetNavigation () const
void SetNavigation (int id)
void EnableSendThreadMessageMode ()
void Append (const CExecutableAction &action)
void Reset ()

Detailed Description

Class containing vector of condition->(action/navigation route) and handling its execution.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIAction() [1/2]

CGUIAction::CGUIAction ( )

◆ CGUIAction() [2/2]

CGUIAction::CGUIAction ( int controlID)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Append()

void CGUIAction::Append ( const CExecutableAction & action)

Add an executable action to the CGUIAction container

◆ EnableSendThreadMessageMode()

void CGUIAction::EnableSendThreadMessageMode ( )

Configure CGUIAction to send threaded messages

◆ ExecuteActions() [1/2]

bool CGUIAction::ExecuteActions ( ) const

Execute actions without specifying any target control or parent control. Action will use the default focused control.

◆ ExecuteActions() [2/2]

bool CGUIAction::ExecuteActions ( int controlID,
int parentID,
const std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItem > & item = nullptr ) const

Execute actions (no navigation paths); if action is paired with condition - evaluate condition first

◆ GetActionCount()

size_t CGUIAction::GetActionCount ( ) const

Get the total number of actions

◆ GetNavigation()

int CGUIAction::GetNavigation ( ) const

Get navigation route that meet its conditions first

◆ HasActionsMeetingCondition()

bool CGUIAction::HasActionsMeetingCondition ( ) const

Check if there is any action that meet its condition

◆ HasAnyActions()

bool CGUIAction::HasAnyActions ( ) const

Check if there is any action

◆ HasConditionalActions()

bool CGUIAction::HasConditionalActions ( ) const

Check if there are any conditional actions

◆ Reset()

void CGUIAction::Reset ( )

Prune any executable actions stored in the CGUIAction

◆ SetNavigation()

void CGUIAction::SetNavigation ( int id)

Set navigation route

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