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ifo_handle_t Struct Reference

#include <ifo_types.h>

Public Attributes

vmgi_mat_t * vmgi_mat
tt_srpt_t * tt_srpt
pgc_t * first_play_pgc
ptl_mait_t * ptl_mait
vts_atrt_t * vts_atrt
txtdt_mgi_t * txtdt_mgi
pgci_ut_t * pgci_ut
c_adt_t * menu_c_adt
vobu_admap_t * menu_vobu_admap
vtsi_mat_t * vtsi_mat
vts_ptt_srpt_t * vts_ptt_srpt
pgcit_t * vts_pgcit
vts_tmapt_t * vts_tmapt
c_adt_t * vts_c_adt
vobu_admap_t * vts_vobu_admap

Detailed Description

The following structure defines an IFO file. The structure is divided into two parts, the VMGI, or Video Manager Information, which is read from the VIDEO_TS.[IFO,BUP] file, and the VTSI, or Video Title Set Information, which is read in from the VTS_XX_0.[IFO,BUP] files.

Member Data Documentation

◆ first_play_pgc

pgc_t* ifo_handle_t::first_play_pgc

◆ menu_c_adt

c_adt_t* ifo_handle_t::menu_c_adt

◆ menu_vobu_admap

vobu_admap_t* ifo_handle_t::menu_vobu_admap

◆ pgci_ut

pgci_ut_t* ifo_handle_t::pgci_ut

◆ ptl_mait

ptl_mait_t* ifo_handle_t::ptl_mait

◆ tt_srpt

tt_srpt_t* ifo_handle_t::tt_srpt

◆ txtdt_mgi

txtdt_mgi_t* ifo_handle_t::txtdt_mgi

◆ vmgi_mat

vmgi_mat_t* ifo_handle_t::vmgi_mat

◆ vts_atrt

vts_atrt_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_atrt

◆ vts_c_adt

c_adt_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_c_adt

◆ vts_pgcit

pgcit_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_pgcit

◆ vts_ptt_srpt

vts_ptt_srpt_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_ptt_srpt

◆ vts_tmapt

vts_tmapt_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_tmapt

◆ vts_vobu_admap

vobu_admap_t* ifo_handle_t::vts_vobu_admap

◆ vtsi_mat

vtsi_mat_t* ifo_handle_t::vtsi_mat

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