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Image loader job class. More...

#include <GUILargeTextureManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for CImageLoader:

Public Member Functions

 CImageLoader (const std::string &path, const bool useCache)
 ~CImageLoader () override
bool DoWork () override
 Work function that loads in a particular image.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CJob
 CJob ()
virtual ~CJob ()=default
 Destructor for job objects.
virtual const char * GetType () const
 Function that returns the type of job.
virtual bool operator== (const CJob *job) const
virtual bool ShouldCancel (unsigned int progress, unsigned int total) const
 Function for longer jobs to report progress and check whether they have been cancelled.

Public Attributes

bool m_use_cache
 Whether or not to use any caching with this image.
std::string m_path
 path of image to load
std::unique_ptr< CTexturem_texture
 Texture object to load the image into.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CJob
enum  PRIORITY {
 Priority levels for jobs, specified by clients when adding jobs to the CJobManager. More...

Detailed Description

Image loader job class.


Used by the CGUILargeTextureManager to perform asynchronous loading of textures.

See also
CGUILargeTextureManager and CJob

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CImageLoader()

CImageLoader::CImageLoader ( const std::string & path,
const bool useCache )

◆ ~CImageLoader()

CImageLoader::~CImageLoader ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoWork()

bool CImageLoader::DoWork ( void )

Work function that loads in a particular image.

Implements CJob.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_path

std::string CImageLoader::m_path

path of image to load

◆ m_texture

std::unique_ptr<CTexture> CImageLoader::m_texture

Texture object to load the image into.

See also

◆ m_use_cache

bool CImageLoader::m_use_cache

Whether or not to use any caching with this image.

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