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CVideoSettingsLocked Class Reference

#include <VideoSettings.h>

Public Member Functions

 CVideoSettingsLocked (CVideoSettings &vs, CCriticalSection &critSection)
virtual ~CVideoSettingsLocked ()=default
 CVideoSettingsLocked (CVideoSettingsLocked const &)=delete
void operator= (CVideoSettingsLocked const &x)=delete
void SetSubtitleStream (int stream)
void SetSubtitleVisible (bool visible)
void SetAudioStream (int stream)
void SetVideoStream (int stream)
void SetAudioDelay (float delay)
void SetSubtitleDelay (float delay)
void SetSubtitleVerticalPosition (int value, bool save)
 Set the subtitle vertical position, it depends on current screen resolution.
void SetViewMode (int mode, float zoom, float par, float shift, bool stretch)
void SetVolumeAmplification (float amp)

Protected Attributes

CCriticalSection & m_critSection

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CVideoSettingsLocked() [1/2]

CVideoSettingsLocked::CVideoSettingsLocked ( CVideoSettings & vs,
CCriticalSection & critSection )

◆ ~CVideoSettingsLocked()

virtual CVideoSettingsLocked::~CVideoSettingsLocked ( )

◆ CVideoSettingsLocked() [2/2]

CVideoSettingsLocked::CVideoSettingsLocked ( CVideoSettingsLocked const & )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::operator= ( CVideoSettingsLocked const & x)

◆ SetAudioDelay()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetAudioDelay ( float delay)

◆ SetAudioStream()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetAudioStream ( int stream)

◆ SetSubtitleDelay()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetSubtitleDelay ( float delay)

◆ SetSubtitleStream()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetSubtitleStream ( int stream)

◆ SetSubtitleVerticalPosition()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetSubtitleVerticalPosition ( int value,
bool save )

Set the subtitle vertical position, it depends on current screen resolution.

valueThe subtitle position in pixels
saveIf true, the value will be saved to resolution info

◆ SetSubtitleVisible()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetSubtitleVisible ( bool visible)

◆ SetVideoStream()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetVideoStream ( int stream)

◆ SetViewMode()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetViewMode ( int mode,
float zoom,
float par,
float shift,
bool stretch )

◆ SetVolumeAmplification()

void CVideoSettingsLocked::SetVolumeAmplification ( float amp)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_critSection

CCriticalSection& CVideoSettingsLocked::m_critSection

◆ m_videoSettings

CVideoSettings& CVideoSettingsLocked::m_videoSettings

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