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TextRenderInfo_t Struct Reference

#include <TeletextDefines.h>

Public Attributes

bool PageCatching
bool TranspMode
bool HintMode
bool ShowFlof
bool Show39
bool Showl25
bool ShowHex
int ZoomMode
int InputCounter
int ClearBBColor
int Prev_100
int Prev_10
int Next_10
int Next_100
int Height
int Width
int FontHeight
int FontWidth
int FontWidth_Normal
unsigned short rd0 [TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]
unsigned short gn0 [TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]
unsigned short bl0 [TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]
unsigned short tr0 [TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]
TextSubtitleCache_tSubtitleCache [SUBTITLE_CACHESIZE]
unsigned char PageChar [25 *40]
TextPageAttr_t PageAtrb [25 *40]
int PosX
int PosY
int nofirst
unsigned char axdrcs [12+1+10+1]
int TTFShiftX
int TTFShiftY
bool Boxed
int ScreenMode
int PrevScreenMode
bool DelayStarted
unsigned int SubtitleDelay

Member Data Documentation

◆ axdrcs

unsigned char TextRenderInfo_t::axdrcs[12+1+10+1]

◆ bl0

unsigned short TextRenderInfo_t::bl0[TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]

◆ Boxed

bool TextRenderInfo_t::Boxed

◆ ClearBBColor

int TextRenderInfo_t::ClearBBColor

◆ DelayStarted

bool TextRenderInfo_t::DelayStarted

◆ FontHeight

int TextRenderInfo_t::FontHeight

◆ FontWidth

int TextRenderInfo_t::FontWidth

◆ FontWidth_Normal

int TextRenderInfo_t::FontWidth_Normal

◆ gn0

unsigned short TextRenderInfo_t::gn0[TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]

◆ Height

int TextRenderInfo_t::Height

◆ HintMode

bool TextRenderInfo_t::HintMode

◆ InputCounter

int TextRenderInfo_t::InputCounter

◆ Next_10

int TextRenderInfo_t::Next_10

◆ Next_100

int TextRenderInfo_t::Next_100

◆ nofirst

int TextRenderInfo_t::nofirst

◆ PageAtrb

TextPageAttr_t TextRenderInfo_t::PageAtrb[25 *40]

◆ PageCatching

bool TextRenderInfo_t::PageCatching

◆ PageChar

unsigned char TextRenderInfo_t::PageChar[25 *40]

◆ PageInfo

TextPageinfo_t* TextRenderInfo_t::PageInfo

◆ PosX

int TextRenderInfo_t::PosX

◆ PosY

int TextRenderInfo_t::PosY

◆ Prev_10

int TextRenderInfo_t::Prev_10

◆ Prev_100

int TextRenderInfo_t::Prev_100

◆ PrevScreenMode

int TextRenderInfo_t::PrevScreenMode

◆ rd0

unsigned short TextRenderInfo_t::rd0[TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]

◆ ScreenMode

int TextRenderInfo_t::ScreenMode

◆ Show39

bool TextRenderInfo_t::Show39

◆ ShowFlof

bool TextRenderInfo_t::ShowFlof

◆ ShowHex

bool TextRenderInfo_t::ShowHex

◆ Showl25

bool TextRenderInfo_t::Showl25

◆ SubtitleCache

TextSubtitleCache_t* TextRenderInfo_t::SubtitleCache[SUBTITLE_CACHESIZE]

◆ SubtitleDelay

unsigned int TextRenderInfo_t::SubtitleDelay

◆ tr0

unsigned short TextRenderInfo_t::tr0[TXT_Color_SIZECOLTABLE]

◆ TranspMode

bool TextRenderInfo_t::TranspMode

◆ TTFShiftX

int TextRenderInfo_t::TTFShiftX

◆ TTFShiftY

int TextRenderInfo_t::TTFShiftY

◆ Width

int TextRenderInfo_t::Width

◆ ZoomMode

int TextRenderInfo_t::ZoomMode

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