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CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker Class Reference

#include <HTTPPythonWsgiInvoker.h>

Inheritance diagram for CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker:
CHTTPPythonInvoker CPythonInvoker ILanguageInvoker

Public Member Functions

 CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker (ILanguageInvocationHandler *invocationHandler, HTTPPythonRequest *request)
 ~CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker () override
HTTPPythonRequestGetRequest () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CHTTPPythonInvoker
 ~CHTTPPythonInvoker () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CPythonInvoker
 CPythonInvoker (ILanguageInvocationHandler *invocationHandler)
 ~CPythonInvoker () override
bool Execute (const std::string &script, const std::vector< std::string > &arguments=std::vector< std::string >()) override
bool IsStopping () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILanguageInvoker
 ILanguageInvoker (ILanguageInvocationHandler *invocationHandler)
virtual ~ILanguageInvoker ()
virtual bool Stop (bool abort=false)
void SetId (int id)
int GetId () const
const ADDON::AddonPtrGetAddon () const
void SetAddon (const ADDON::AddonPtr &addon)
InvokerState GetState () const
bool IsActive () const
bool IsRunning () const
void Reset ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void GlobalInitializeModules (void)

Protected Member Functions

void executeScript (FILE *fp, const std::string &script, PyObject *moduleDict) override
const char * getInitializationScript () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CHTTPPythonInvoker
 CHTTPPythonInvoker (ILanguageInvocationHandler *invocationHandler, HTTPPythonRequest *request)
void onAbort () override
void onError (const std::string &exceptionType="", const std::string &exceptionValue="", const std::string &exceptionTraceback="") override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CPythonInvoker
bool execute (const std::string &script, const std::vector< std::string > &arguments) override
bool stop (bool abort) override
void onExecutionDone () override
void onExecutionFailed () override
virtual void onInitialization ()
virtual void onPythonModuleInitialization (void *moduleDict)
virtual void onDeinitialization ()
virtual void onSuccess ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ILanguageInvoker
virtual void AbortNotification ()
virtual void pulseGlobalEvent ()
virtual bool onExecutionInitialized ()
virtual void onExecutionFinalized ()
void setState (InvokerState state)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CPythonInvoker
typedef std::unique_ptr< PyObject, PyObjectDeleter > PyObjectPtr
- Protected Attributes inherited from CHTTPPythonInvoker
bool m_internalError = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from CPythonInvoker
std::string m_sourceFile
CCriticalSection m_critical
- Protected Attributes inherited from ILanguageInvoker
ADDON::AddonPtr m_addon

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker()

CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker ( ILanguageInvocationHandler * invocationHandler,
HTTPPythonRequest * request )

◆ ~CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker()

CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::~CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ executeScript()

void CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::executeScript ( FILE * fp,
const std::string & script,
PyObject * moduleDict )

Reimplemented from CPythonInvoker.

◆ getInitializationScript()

const char * CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::getInitializationScript ( ) const

Implements CPythonInvoker.

◆ GetRequest()

HTTPPythonRequest * CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::GetRequest ( )

Implements CHTTPPythonInvoker.

◆ GlobalInitializeModules()

void CHTTPPythonWsgiInvoker::GlobalInitializeModules ( void )

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