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CInputStreamPVRRecording Class Reference

#include <InputStreamPVRRecording.h>

Inheritance diagram for CInputStreamPVRRecording:
CInputStreamPVRBase CDVDInputStream CDVDInputStream::ITimes CDVDInputStream::IDemux

Public Member Functions

 CInputStreamPVRRecording (IVideoPlayer *pPlayer, const CFileItem &fileitem)
 ~CInputStreamPVRRecording () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CInputStreamPVRBase
 CInputStreamPVRBase (IVideoPlayer *pPlayer, const CFileItem &fileitem)
 ~CInputStreamPVRBase () override
bool Open () override
void Close () override
int Read (uint8_t *buf, int buf_size) override
int64_t Seek (int64_t offset, int whence) override
bool IsEOF () override
int64_t GetLength () override
int GetBlockSize () override
ENextStream NextStream () override
bool IsRealtime () override
CDVDInputStream::ITimesGetITimes () override
bool GetTimes (Times &times) override
bool CanSeek () override
bool CanPause () override
void Pause (bool bPaused)
CDVDInputStream::IDemuxGetIDemux () override
bool OpenDemux () override
DemuxPacketReadDemux () override
CDemuxStreamGetStream (int iStreamId) const override
std::vector< CDemuxStream * > GetStreams () const override
int GetNrOfStreams () const override
void SetSpeed (int iSpeed) override
void FillBuffer (bool mode) override
bool SeekTime (double time, bool backward=false, double *startpts=NULL) override
void AbortDemux () override
void FlushDemux () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDInputStream
 CDVDInputStream (DVDStreamType m_streamType, const CFileItem &fileitem)
virtual ~CDVDInputStream ()
virtual std::string & GetContent ()
virtual std::string GetFileName ()
virtual CURL GetURL ()
virtual void Abort ()
virtual void SetReadRate (uint32_t rate)
 Indicate expected read rate in bytes per second. This could be used to throttle caching rate. Should be seen as only a hint.
virtual bool GetCacheStatus (XFILE::SCacheStatus *status)
 Get the cache status.
bool IsStreamType (DVDStreamType type) const
virtual BitstreamStats GetBitstreamStats () const
bool ContentLookup ()
void SetRealtime (bool realtime)
virtual IPosTimeGetIPosTime ()
virtual IDisplayTimeGetIDisplayTime ()
virtual IChapterGetIChapter ()
const CVariantGetProperty (const std::string &key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDInputStream::ITimes
virtual ~ITimes ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDInputStream::IDemux
virtual ~IDemux ()=default
virtual void EnableStream (int iStreamId, bool enable)
virtual bool OpenStream (int iStreamId)
virtual void SetVideoResolution (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned int maxWidth, unsigned int maxHeight)

Protected Member Functions

bool OpenPVRStream () override
void ClosePVRStream () override
int ReadPVRStream (uint8_t *buf, int buf_size) override
int64_t SeekPVRStream (int64_t offset, int whence) override
int64_t GetPVRStreamLength () override
ENextStream NextPVRStream () override
bool CanPausePVRStream () override
bool CanSeekPVRStream () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CInputStreamPVRBase
void UpdateStreamMap ()
std::shared_ptr< CDemuxStreamGetStreamInternal (int iStreamId)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CDVDInputStream
- Protected Attributes inherited from CInputStreamPVRBase
bool m_eof = true
std::shared_ptr< PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIESm_StreamProps
std::map< int, std::shared_ptr< CDemuxStream > > m_streamMap
std::shared_ptr< PVR::CPVRClientm_client
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDVDInputStream
DVDStreamType m_streamType
BitstreamStats m_stats
std::string m_content
CFileItem m_item
bool m_contentLookup
bool m_realtime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CInputStreamPVRRecording()

CInputStreamPVRRecording::CInputStreamPVRRecording ( IVideoPlayer * pPlayer,
const CFileItem & fileitem )

◆ ~CInputStreamPVRRecording()

CInputStreamPVRRecording::~CInputStreamPVRRecording ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanPausePVRStream()

bool CInputStreamPVRRecording::CanPausePVRStream ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ CanSeekPVRStream()

bool CInputStreamPVRRecording::CanSeekPVRStream ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ ClosePVRStream()

void CInputStreamPVRRecording::ClosePVRStream ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ GetPVRStreamLength()

int64_t CInputStreamPVRRecording::GetPVRStreamLength ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ NextPVRStream()

CDVDInputStream::ENextStream CInputStreamPVRRecording::NextPVRStream ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ OpenPVRStream()

bool CInputStreamPVRRecording::OpenPVRStream ( )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ ReadPVRStream()

int CInputStreamPVRRecording::ReadPVRStream ( uint8_t * buf,
int buf_size )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

◆ SeekPVRStream()

int64_t CInputStreamPVRRecording::SeekPVRStream ( int64_t offset,
int whence )

Implements CInputStreamPVRBase.

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