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CDVDOverlayContainer Class Reference

#include <DVDOverlayContainer.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDVDOverlayContainer:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CDVDOverlayContainer ()
void ProcessAndAddOverlayIfValid (const std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlay > &pPicture)
 Adds an overlay into the container by processing the existing overlay collection first.
VecOverlaysGetOverlays ()
bool ContainsOverlayType (DVDOverlayType type)
void Clear ()
void Flush ()
void CleanUp (double pts)
size_t GetSize ()
void UpdateOverlayInfo (const std::shared_ptr< CDVDInputStreamNavigator > &pStream, CDVDDemuxSPU *pSpu, int iAction)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CDVDOverlayContainer()

CDVDOverlayContainer::~CDVDOverlayContainer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CleanUp()

void CDVDOverlayContainer::CleanUp ( double pts)

◆ Clear()

void CDVDOverlayContainer::Clear ( )

◆ ContainsOverlayType()

bool CDVDOverlayContainer::ContainsOverlayType ( DVDOverlayType type)

◆ Flush()

void CDVDOverlayContainer::Flush ( )

◆ GetOverlays()

VecOverlays * CDVDOverlayContainer::GetOverlays ( )

◆ GetSize()

size_t CDVDOverlayContainer::GetSize ( )

◆ ProcessAndAddOverlayIfValid()

void CDVDOverlayContainer::ProcessAndAddOverlayIfValid ( const std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlay > & pPicture)

Adds an overlay into the container by processing the existing overlay collection first.

Processes the overlay collection whenever a new overlay is added. Useful to change the overlay's PTS values of previously added overlays if the collection itself is sequential. This is, for example, the case of ASS subtitles in which a single call to ass_render_frame generates all the subtitle images on a single call even if two subtitles exist at the same time frame. Other cases might exist where an overlay shouldn't be added to the collection if completely contained in another overlay.

pPicturepointer to the overlay to be evaluated and possibly added to the collection

◆ UpdateOverlayInfo()

void CDVDOverlayContainer::UpdateOverlayInfo ( const std::shared_ptr< CDVDInputStreamNavigator > & pStream,
CDVDDemuxSPU * pSpu,
int iAction )

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