Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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#include <nav_types.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t hour
uint8_t minute
uint8_t second
uint8_t frame_u
uint8_t bytes [8]
unsigned char mpeg_version: 2
unsigned char video_format: 2
unsigned char display_aspect_ratio: 2
unsigned char permitted_df: 2
unsigned char line21_cc_1: 1
unsigned char line21_cc_2: 1
unsigned char unknown1: 1
unsigned char bit_rate: 1
unsigned char picture_size: 2
unsigned char letterboxed: 1
unsigned char film_mode: 1
unsigned char audio_format: 3
unsigned char multichannel_extension: 1
unsigned char lang_type: 2
unsigned char application_mode: 2
unsigned char quantization: 2
unsigned char sample_frequency: 2
unsigned char channels: 3
uint16_t lang_code
uint8_t lang_extension
uint8_t code_extension
uint8_t unknown3
union { 
      unsigned char   unknown4: 1 
      unsigned char   channel_assignment: 3 
      unsigned char   version: 2 
      unsigned char   mc_intro: 1 
      unsigned char   mode: 1 
      unsigned char   unknown5: 4 
      unsigned char   dolby_encoded: 1 
      unsigned char   unknown6: 3 
   }   karaoke 
      unsigned char   unknown4: 1 
      unsigned char   channel_assignment: 3 
      unsigned char   version: 2 
      unsigned char   mc_intro: 1 
      unsigned char   mode: 1 
      unsigned char   unknown5: 4 
      unsigned char   dolby_encoded: 1 
      unsigned char   unknown6: 3 
   }   surround 
unsigned char zero1: 7
unsigned char ach0_gme: 1
unsigned char zero2: 7
unsigned char ach1_gme: 1
unsigned char zero3: 4
unsigned char ach2_gv1e: 1
unsigned char ach2_gv2e: 1
unsigned char ach2_gm1e: 1
unsigned char ach2_gm2e: 1
unsigned char zero4: 4
unsigned char ach3_gv1e: 1
unsigned char ach3_gv2e: 1
unsigned char ach3_gmAe: 1
unsigned char ach3_se2e: 1
unsigned char zero5: 4
unsigned char ach4_gv1e: 1
unsigned char ach4_gv2e: 1
unsigned char ach4_gmBe: 1
unsigned char ach4_seBe: 1
uint8_t zero6 [19]
unsigned char code_mode: 3
unsigned char type: 2
uint8_t zero2
uint16_t nr_of_pre
uint16_t nr_of_post
uint16_t nr_of_cell
uint16_t last_byte
vm_cmd_t * pre_cmds
vm_cmd_t * post_cmds
vm_cmd_t * cell_cmds
unsigned char block_mode: 2
unsigned char block_type: 2
unsigned char seamless_play: 1
unsigned char interleaved: 1
unsigned char stc_discontinuity: 1
unsigned char seamless_angle: 1
unsigned char zero_1: 1
unsigned char playback_mode: 1
unsigned char restricted: 1
unsigned char cell_type: 5
uint8_t still_time
uint8_t cell_cmd_nr
dvd_time_t playback_time
uint32_t first_sector
uint32_t first_ilvu_end_sector
uint32_t last_vobu_start_sector
uint32_t last_sector
uint16_t vob_id_nr
uint8_t zero_1
uint8_t cell_nr
unsigned char zero: 7
unsigned char video_pres_mode_change: 1
unsigned char karaoke_audio_pres_mode_change: 1
unsigned char angle_change: 1
unsigned char subpic_stream_change: 1
unsigned char audio_stream_change: 1
unsigned char pause_on: 1
unsigned char still_off: 1
unsigned char button_select_or_activate: 1
unsigned char resume: 1
unsigned char chapter_menu_call: 1
unsigned char angle_menu_call: 1
unsigned char audio_menu_call: 1
unsigned char subpic_menu_call: 1
unsigned char root_menu_call: 1
unsigned char title_menu_call: 1
unsigned char backward_scan: 1
unsigned char forward_scan: 1
unsigned char next_pg_search: 1
unsigned char prev_or_top_pg_search: 1
unsigned char time_or_chapter_search: 1
unsigned char go_up: 1
unsigned char stop: 1
unsigned char title_play: 1
unsigned char chapter_search_or_play: 1
unsigned char title_or_time_play: 1
uint16_t zero_1
uint8_t nr_of_programs
uint8_t nr_of_cells
user_ops_t prohibited_ops
uint16_t audio_control [8]
uint32_t subp_control [32]
uint16_t next_pgc_nr
uint16_t prev_pgc_nr
uint16_t goup_pgc_nr
uint8_t pg_playback_mode
uint32_t palette [16]
uint16_t command_tbl_offset
uint16_t program_map_offset
uint16_t cell_playback_offset
uint16_t cell_position_offset
pgc_command_tbl_t * command_tbl
cell_playback_t * cell_playback
cell_position_t * cell_position
int ref_count
uint8_t entry_id
uint16_t ptl_id_mask
uint32_t pgc_start_byte
pgc_t * pgc
uint16_t nr_of_pgci_srp
uint32_t last_byte
pgci_srp_t * pgci_srp
uint8_t exists
uint32_t lang_start_byte
pgcit_t * pgcit
uint16_t nr_of_lus
pgci_lu_t * lu
uint16_t vob_id
uint8_t cell_id
uint32_t start_sector
uint16_t nr_of_vobs
cell_adr_t * cell_adr_table
uint32_t * vobu_start_sectors
char vmg_identifier [12]
uint32_t vmg_last_sector
uint32_t vmgi_last_sector
uint8_t zero_2
uint8_t specification_version
uint32_t vmg_category
uint16_t vmg_nr_of_volumes
uint16_t vmg_this_volume_nr
uint8_t disc_side
uint8_t zero_3 [19]
uint16_t vmg_nr_of_title_sets
char provider_identifier [32]
uint64_t vmg_pos_code
uint8_t zero_4 [24]
uint32_t vmgi_last_byte
uint32_t first_play_pgc
uint8_t zero_5 [56]
uint32_t vmgm_vobs
uint32_t tt_srpt
uint32_t vmgm_pgci_ut
uint32_t ptl_mait
uint32_t vts_atrt
uint32_t txtdt_mgi
uint32_t vmgm_c_adt
uint32_t vmgm_vobu_admap
uint8_t zero_6 [32]
video_attr_t vmgm_video_attr
uint8_t zero_7
uint8_t nr_of_vmgm_audio_streams
audio_attr_t vmgm_audio_attr
audio_attr_t zero_8 [7]
uint8_t zero_9 [17]
uint8_t nr_of_vmgm_subp_streams
subp_attr_t vmgm_subp_attr
subp_attr_t zero_10 [27]
unsigned char multi_or_random_pgc_title: 1
unsigned char jlc_exists_in_cell_cmd: 1
unsigned char jlc_exists_in_prepost_cmd: 1
unsigned char jlc_exists_in_button_cmd: 1
unsigned char jlc_exists_in_tt_dom: 1
playback_type_t pb_ty
uint8_t nr_of_angles
uint16_t nr_of_ptts
uint16_t parental_id
uint8_t title_set_nr
uint8_t vts_ttn
uint32_t title_set_sector
uint16_t nr_of_srpts
title_info_t * title
uint16_t country_code
uint16_t pf_ptl_mai_start_byte
uint16_t zero_2
uint16_t nr_of_countries
uint16_t nr_of_vtss
ptl_mait_country_t * countries
uint32_t vts_cat
video_attr_t vtsm_vobs_attr
uint8_t nr_of_vtsm_audio_streams
audio_attr_t vtsm_audio_attr
audio_attr_t zero_2 [7]
uint8_t nr_of_vtsm_subp_streams
subp_attr_t vtsm_subp_attr
subp_attr_t zero_5 [27]
video_attr_t vtstt_vobs_video_attr
uint8_t nr_of_vtstt_audio_streams
audio_attr_t vtstt_audio_attr [8]
uint8_t zero_8 [16]
uint8_t nr_of_vtstt_subp_streams
subp_attr_t vtstt_subp_attr [32]
vts_attributes_t * vts
uint32_t * vts_atrt_offsets
uint16_t offsets [100]
uint8_t char_set
uint32_t txtdt_start_byte
txtdt_t * txtdt
char disc_name [12]
uint16_t unknown1
uint16_t nr_of_language_units
txtdt_lu_t * lu
char vts_identifier [12]
uint32_t vts_last_sector
uint32_t vtsi_last_sector
uint32_t vts_category
uint16_t zero_3
uint16_t zero_4
uint16_t zero_7
uint64_t zero_9
uint8_t zero_10 [24]
uint32_t vtsi_last_byte
uint32_t zero_11
uint8_t zero_12 [56]
uint32_t vtsm_vobs
uint32_t vtstt_vobs
uint32_t vts_ptt_srpt
uint32_t vts_pgcit
uint32_t vtsm_pgci_ut
uint32_t vts_tmapt
uint32_t vtsm_c_adt
uint32_t vtsm_vobu_admap
uint32_t vts_c_adt
uint32_t vts_vobu_admap
uint8_t zero_13 [24]
video_attr_t vtsm_video_attr
uint8_t zero_14
audio_attr_t zero_15 [7]
uint8_t zero_16 [17]
subp_attr_t zero_17 [27]
uint8_t zero_18 [2]
video_attr_t vts_video_attr
uint8_t zero_19
uint8_t nr_of_vts_audio_streams
audio_attr_t vts_audio_attr [8]
uint8_t zero_20 [17]
uint8_t nr_of_vts_subp_streams
subp_attr_t vts_subp_attr [32]
uint16_t zero_21
multichannel_ext_t vts_mu_audio_attr [8]
uint16_t pgcn
uint16_t pgn
ptt_info_t * ptt
ttu_t * title
uint32_t * ttu_offset
uint8_t tmu
uint16_t nr_of_entries
uint16_t nr_of_tmaps
vts_tmap_t * tmap
uint32_t * tmap_offset
uint32_t nv_pck_lbn
uint16_t vobu_cat
uint16_t zero1
user_ops_t vobu_uop_ctl
uint32_t vobu_s_ptm
uint32_t vobu_e_ptm
uint32_t vobu_se_e_ptm
dvd_time_t e_eltm
char vobu_isrc [32]
uint32_t nsml_agl_dsta [9]
uint16_t hli_ss
uint32_t hli_s_ptm
uint32_t hli_e_ptm
uint32_t btn_se_e_ptm
unsigned int zero1: 2
unsigned int btngr_ns: 2
unsigned int zero2: 1
unsigned int btngr1_dsp_ty: 3
unsigned int zero3: 1
unsigned int btngr2_dsp_ty: 3
unsigned int zero4: 1
unsigned int btngr3_dsp_ty: 3
uint8_t btn_ofn
uint8_t btn_ns
uint8_t nsl_btn_ns
uint8_t zero5
uint8_t fosl_btnn
uint8_t foac_btnn
uint32_t btn_coli [3][2]
unsigned int btn_coln: 2
unsigned int x_start: 10
unsigned int x_end: 10
unsigned int auto_action_mode: 2
unsigned int y_start: 10
unsigned int y_end: 10
unsigned int up: 6
unsigned int down: 6
unsigned int zero5: 2
unsigned int left: 6
unsigned int zero6: 2
unsigned int right: 6
vm_cmd_t cmd
hl_gi_t hl_gi
btn_colit_t btn_colit
btni_t btnit [36]
pci_gi_t pci_gi
nsml_agli_t nsml_agli
hli_t hli
uint8_t zero1 [189]
uint32_t nv_pck_scr
uint32_t vobu_ea
uint32_t vobu_1stref_ea
uint32_t vobu_2ndref_ea
uint32_t vobu_3rdref_ea
uint16_t vobu_vob_idn
uint8_t vobu_c_idn
dvd_time_t c_eltm
uint16_t category
uint32_t ilvu_ea
uint32_t ilvu_sa
uint16_t size
uint32_t vob_v_s_s_ptm
uint32_t vob_v_e_e_ptm
struct { 
   uint32_t   stp_ptm1 
   uint32_t   stp_ptm2 
   uint32_t   gap_len1 
   uint32_t   gap_len2 
vob_a [8] 
uint32_t address
sml_agl_data_t data [9]
uint32_t next_video
uint32_t fwda [19]
uint32_t next_vobu
uint32_t prev_vobu
uint32_t bwda [19]
uint32_t prev_video
uint16_t a_synca [8]
uint32_t sp_synca [32]
dsi_gi_t dsi_gi
sml_pbi_t sml_pbi
sml_agli_t sml_agli
vobu_sri_t vobu_sri
synci_t synci

Detailed Description


The following structures are used in both the VMGI and VTSI. DVD Time Information.

Type to store per-command data.

Video Attributes.

Audio Attributes.

MultiChannel Extension

Subpicture Attributes.

PGC Command Table.

Cell Playback Information.

Cell Position Information.

User Operations.

Program Chain Information.

Program Chain Information Search Pointer.

Program Chain Information Table.

Menu PGCI Language Unit.

Menu PGCI Unit Table.

Cell Address Information.

Cell Address Table.

VOBU Address Map.


The following structures relate to the Video Manager. Video Manager Information Management Table.

Title Information.

PartOfTitle Search Pointer Table.

Parental Management Information Unit Table.

Parental Management Information Table.

Video Title Set Attributes.

Video Title Set Attribute Table.

Text Data. (Incomplete)

Text Data Language Unit. (Incomplete)

Text Data Manager Information. (Incomplete)


Structures relating to the Video Title Set (VTS). Video Title Set Information Management Table.

PartOfTitle Unit Information.

PartOfTitle Information.

Time Map.

Time Map Table.

PCI General Information

Non Seamless Angle Information

Highlight General Information

For btngrX_dsp_ty the bits have the following meaning: 000b: normal 4/3 only buttons XX1b: wide (16/9) buttons X1Xb: letterbox buttons 1XXb: pan&scan buttons

Button Color Information Table Each entry being a 32bit word that contains the color indexes and alpha values to use. They are all represented by 4 bit number and stored like this [Ci3, Ci2, Ci1, Ci0, A3, A2, A1, A0]. The actual palette that the indexes reference is in the PGC. @TODO split the uint32_t into a struct

Button Information

NOTE: I've had to change the structure from the disk layout to get the packing to work with Sun's Forte C compiler. The 4 and 7 bytes are 'rotated' was: ABC DEF GHIJ is: ABCG DEFH IJ

Highlight Information

PCI packet

DSI General Information

Seamless Playback Information

Seamless Angle Information for one angle

Seamless Angle Information

VOBU Search Information

Synchronous Information

DSI packet

Member Data Documentation

◆ a_synca

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::a_synca[8]

offset to first audio packet for this VOBU

◆ ach0_gme

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach0_gme

◆ ach1_gme

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach1_gme

◆ ach2_gm1e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach2_gm1e

◆ ach2_gm2e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach2_gm2e

◆ ach2_gv1e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach2_gv1e

◆ ach2_gv2e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach2_gv2e

◆ ach3_gmAe

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach3_gmAe

◆ ach3_gv1e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach3_gv1e

◆ ach3_gv2e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach3_gv2e

◆ ach3_se2e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach3_se2e

◆ ach4_gmBe

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach4_gmBe

◆ ach4_gv1e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach4_gv1e

◆ ach4_gv2e

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach4_gv2e

◆ ach4_seBe

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ach4_seBe

◆ address

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::address

offset to next ILVU, high bit is before/after

◆ angle_change

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::angle_change

◆ angle_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::angle_menu_call

◆ [union]

union { ... } ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::app_info

◆ application_mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::application_mode

◆ audio_control

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::audio_control[8]

◆ audio_format

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::audio_format

◆ audio_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::audio_menu_call

◆ audio_stream_change

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::audio_stream_change

◆ auto_action_mode

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::auto_action_mode

0: no, 1: activated if selected

◆ backward_scan

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::backward_scan

◆ bit_rate

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::bit_rate

◆ block_mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::block_mode

◆ block_type

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::block_type

◆ btn_coli

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_coli[3][2]

[button color number-1][select:0/action:1]

◆ btn_colit

btn_colit_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_colit

◆ btn_coln

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_coln

button color number

◆ btn_ns

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_ns

number of valid buttons <= 36/18/12 (low 6 bits)

◆ btn_ofn

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_ofn

button offset number range 0-255

◆ btn_se_e_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btn_se_e_ptm

end ptm of button select

◆ btngr1_dsp_ty

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btngr1_dsp_ty

display type of subpic stream for button group 1

◆ btngr2_dsp_ty

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btngr2_dsp_ty

display type of subpic stream for button group 2

◆ btngr3_dsp_ty

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btngr3_dsp_ty

display type of subpic stream for button group 3

◆ btngr_ns

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btngr_ns

number of button groups 1, 2 or 3 with 36/18/12 buttons

◆ btnit

btni_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::btnit[36]

◆ button_select_or_activate

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::button_select_or_activate

◆ bwda

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::bwda[19]

Backwards, time

◆ bytes

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::bytes[8]

◆ c_eltm

dvd_time_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::c_eltm

Cell elapsed time

◆ category

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::category

'category' of seamless VOBU

◆ cell_adr_table

cell_adr_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_adr_table

◆ cell_cmd_nr

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_cmd_nr

◆ cell_cmds

vm_cmd_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_cmds

◆ cell_id

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_id

◆ cell_nr

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_nr

◆ cell_playback

cell_playback_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_playback

◆ cell_playback_offset

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_playback_offset

◆ cell_position

cell_position_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_position

◆ cell_position_offset

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_position_offset

◆ cell_type

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cell_type

◆ channel_assignment

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::channel_assignment

◆ channels

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::channels

◆ chapter_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::chapter_menu_call

◆ chapter_search_or_play

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::chapter_search_or_play

◆ char_set

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::char_set

◆ cmd

vm_cmd_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::cmd

◆ code_extension

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::code_extension

◆ code_mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::code_mode

◆ command_tbl

pgc_command_tbl_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::command_tbl

◆ command_tbl_offset

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::command_tbl_offset

◆ countries

ptl_mait_country_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::countries

◆ country_code

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::country_code

◆ data

sml_agl_data_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::data[9]

◆ disc_name

char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::disc_name[12]

◆ disc_side

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::disc_side

◆ display_aspect_ratio

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::display_aspect_ratio

◆ dolby_encoded

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::dolby_encoded

◆ down

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::down

button index when pressing down

◆ dsi_gi

dsi_gi_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::dsi_gi

◆ e_eltm

dvd_time_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::e_eltm

Cell elapsed time

◆ entry_id

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::entry_id

◆ exists

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::exists

◆ film_mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::film_mode

◆ first_ilvu_end_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::first_ilvu_end_sector

◆ first_play_pgc

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::first_play_pgc

◆ first_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::first_sector

◆ foac_btnn

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::foac_btnn

forcedly activated button (low 6 bits)

◆ forward_scan

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::forward_scan

◆ fosl_btnn

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::fosl_btnn

forcedly selected button (low 6 bits)

◆ frame_u

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::frame_u

◆ fwda

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::fwda[19]

Forwards, time

◆ gap_len1

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::gap_len1

◆ gap_len2

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::gap_len2

◆ go_up

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::go_up

◆ goup_pgc_nr

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::goup_pgc_nr

◆ hl_gi

hl_gi_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::hl_gi

◆ hli


◆ hli_e_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::hli_e_ptm

end ptm of hli

◆ hli_s_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::hli_s_ptm

start ptm of hli

◆ hli_ss

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::hli_ss

status, only low 2 bits 0: no buttons, 1: different 2: equal 3: equal except for button cmds

◆ hour

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::hour

◆ ilvu_ea

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ilvu_ea

end address of interleaved Unit

◆ ilvu_sa

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ilvu_sa

start address of next interleaved unit

◆ interleaved

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::interleaved

◆ jlc_exists_in_button_cmd

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::jlc_exists_in_button_cmd

◆ jlc_exists_in_cell_cmd

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::jlc_exists_in_cell_cmd

◆ jlc_exists_in_prepost_cmd

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::jlc_exists_in_prepost_cmd

◆ jlc_exists_in_tt_dom

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::jlc_exists_in_tt_dom

◆ [struct]


◆ karaoke_audio_pres_mode_change

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::karaoke_audio_pres_mode_change

◆ lang_code

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lang_code

◆ lang_extension

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lang_extension

◆ lang_start_byte

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lang_start_byte

◆ lang_type

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lang_type

◆ last_byte [1/2]

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::last_byte

◆ last_byte [2/2]

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::last_byte

◆ last_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::last_sector

◆ last_vobu_start_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::last_vobu_start_sector

◆ left

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::left

button index when pressing left

◆ letterboxed

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::letterboxed

◆ line21_cc_1

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::line21_cc_1

◆ line21_cc_2

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::line21_cc_2

◆ lu [1/2]

pgci_lu_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lu

◆ lu [2/2]

txtdt_lu_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::lu

◆ map_ent

map_ent_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::map_ent

◆ mc_intro

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::mc_intro

◆ minute

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::minute

◆ mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::mode

◆ mpeg_version

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::mpeg_version

◆ multi_or_random_pgc_title

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::multi_or_random_pgc_title

◆ multichannel_extension

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::multichannel_extension

◆ next_pg_search

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::next_pg_search

◆ next_pgc_nr

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::next_pgc_nr

◆ next_video

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::next_video

Next vobu that contains video

◆ next_vobu

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::next_vobu

◆ nr_of_angles

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_angles

◆ nr_of_cell

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_cell

◆ nr_of_cells

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_cells

◆ nr_of_countries

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_countries

◆ nr_of_entries

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_entries

◆ nr_of_language_units

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_language_units

◆ nr_of_lus

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_lus

◆ nr_of_pgci_srp

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_pgci_srp

◆ nr_of_post

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_post

◆ nr_of_pre

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_pre

◆ nr_of_programs

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_programs

◆ nr_of_ptts

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_ptts

◆ nr_of_srpts

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_srpts

◆ nr_of_tmaps

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_tmaps

◆ nr_of_vmgm_audio_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vmgm_audio_streams

◆ nr_of_vmgm_subp_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vmgm_subp_streams

◆ nr_of_vobs

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vobs

◆ nr_of_vts_audio_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vts_audio_streams

◆ nr_of_vts_subp_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vts_subp_streams

◆ nr_of_vtsm_audio_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vtsm_audio_streams

◆ nr_of_vtsm_subp_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vtsm_subp_streams

◆ nr_of_vtss

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vtss

◆ nr_of_vtstt_audio_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vtstt_audio_streams

◆ nr_of_vtstt_subp_streams

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nr_of_vtstt_subp_streams

◆ nsl_btn_ns

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nsl_btn_ns

number of buttons selectable by U_BTNNi (low 6 bits) nsl_btn_ns <= btn_ns

◆ nsml_agl_dsta

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nsml_agl_dsta[9]

address of destination vobu in AGL_C::n

◆ nsml_agli

nsml_agli_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nsml_agli

◆ nv_pck_lbn

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nv_pck_lbn

sector address of this nav pack

◆ nv_pck_scr

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::nv_pck_scr

◆ offsets

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::offsets[100]

◆ palette

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::palette[16]

◆ parental_id

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::parental_id

◆ pause_on

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pause_on

◆ pb_ty

playback_type_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pb_ty

◆ pci_gi

pci_gi_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pci_gi

◆ permitted_df

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::permitted_df

◆ pf_ptl_mai

pf_level_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pf_ptl_mai

◆ pf_ptl_mai_start_byte

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pf_ptl_mai_start_byte

◆ pg_playback_mode

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pg_playback_mode

◆ pgc


◆ pgc_start_byte

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pgc_start_byte

◆ pgci_srp

pgci_srp_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pgci_srp

◆ pgcit

pgcit_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pgcit

◆ pgcn

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pgcn

◆ pgn

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pgn

◆ picture_size

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::picture_size

◆ playback_mode

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::playback_mode

When set, enter StillMode after each VOBU

◆ playback_time

dvd_time_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::playback_time

◆ post_cmds

vm_cmd_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::post_cmds

◆ pre_cmds

vm_cmd_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::pre_cmds

◆ prev_or_top_pg_search

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::prev_or_top_pg_search

◆ prev_pgc_nr

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::prev_pgc_nr

◆ prev_video

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::prev_video

◆ prev_vobu

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::prev_vobu

◆ program_map

pgc_program_map_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::program_map

◆ program_map_offset

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::program_map_offset

◆ prohibited_ops

user_ops_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::prohibited_ops

◆ provider_identifier

char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::provider_identifier[32]

◆ ptl_id_mask

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ptl_id_mask

◆ ptl_mait

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ptl_mait

◆ ptt

ptt_info_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ptt

◆ quantization

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::quantization

◆ ref_count

int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ref_count

◆ restricted

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::restricted

?? drop out of fastforward?

◆ resume

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::resume

◆ right

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::right

button index when pressing right

◆ root_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::root_menu_call

◆ sample_frequency

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::sample_frequency

◆ seamless_angle

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::seamless_angle

◆ seamless_play

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::seamless_play

◆ second

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::second

◆ size

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::size

size of next interleaved unit

byte size of the ILVU pointed to by address

◆ sml_agli

sml_agli_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::sml_agli

◆ sml_pbi

sml_pbi_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::sml_pbi

◆ sp_synca

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::sp_synca[32]

offset to first subpicture packet

◆ specification_version

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::specification_version

◆ start_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::start_sector

◆ stc_discontinuity

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::stc_discontinuity

◆ still_off

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::still_off

◆ still_time

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::still_time

for karaoke, reserved otherwise

◆ stop

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::stop

◆ stp_ptm1

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::stp_ptm1

◆ stp_ptm2

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::stp_ptm2

◆ subp_control

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::subp_control[32]

◆ subpic_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::subpic_menu_call

◆ subpic_stream_change

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::subpic_stream_change

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } ::ATTRIBUTE_PACKED ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::surround

◆ synci

synci_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::synci

◆ time_or_chapter_search

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::time_or_chapter_search

◆ title [1/2]

title_info_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title

◆ title [2/2]

ttu_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title

◆ title_menu_call

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title_menu_call

◆ title_or_time_play

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title_or_time_play

◆ title_play

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title_play

◆ title_set_nr

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title_set_nr

◆ title_set_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::title_set_sector

◆ tmap

vts_tmap_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::tmap

◆ tmap_offset

uint32_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::tmap_offset

◆ tmu


◆ tt_srpt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::tt_srpt

◆ ttu_offset

uint32_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::ttu_offset

◆ txtdt

txtdt_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::txtdt

◆ txtdt_mgi

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::txtdt_mgi

◆ txtdt_start_byte

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::txtdt_start_byte

◆ type

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::type

◆ unknown1 [1/2]

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown1

◆ unknown1 [2/2]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown1

◆ unknown3

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown3

◆ unknown4

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown4

◆ unknown5

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown5

◆ unknown6

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::unknown6

◆ up

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::up

button index when pressing up

◆ version

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::version

◆ video_format

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::video_format

◆ video_pres_mode_change

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::video_pres_mode_change

◆ vmg_category

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_category

◆ vmg_identifier

char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_identifier[12]

◆ vmg_last_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_last_sector

◆ vmg_nr_of_title_sets

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_nr_of_title_sets

◆ vmg_nr_of_volumes

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_nr_of_volumes

◆ vmg_pos_code

uint64_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_pos_code

◆ vmg_this_volume_nr

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmg_this_volume_nr

◆ vmgi_last_byte

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgi_last_byte

◆ vmgi_last_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgi_last_sector

◆ vmgm_audio_attr

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_audio_attr

◆ vmgm_c_adt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_c_adt

◆ vmgm_pgci_ut

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_pgci_ut

◆ vmgm_subp_attr

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_subp_attr

◆ vmgm_video_attr

video_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_video_attr

◆ vmgm_vobs

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_vobs

◆ vmgm_vobu_admap

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vmgm_vobu_admap

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vob_a[8]

◆ vob_id

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vob_id

◆ vob_id_nr

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vob_id_nr

◆ vob_v_e_e_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vob_v_e_e_ptm

video end ptm in vob

◆ vob_v_s_s_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vob_v_s_s_ptm

video start ptm in vob

◆ vobu_1stref_ea

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_1stref_ea

end address of the 1st reference image

◆ vobu_2ndref_ea

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_2ndref_ea

end address of the 2nd reference image

◆ vobu_3rdref_ea

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_3rdref_ea

end address of the 3rd reference image

◆ vobu_c_idn

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_c_idn

Cell Id number that this VOBU is part of

◆ vobu_cat

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_cat

'category' of vobu

◆ vobu_e_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_e_ptm

end presentation time of vobu

◆ vobu_ea

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_ea

end address of this VOBU

◆ vobu_isrc

char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_isrc[32]

◆ vobu_s_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_s_ptm

start presentation time of vobu

◆ vobu_se_e_ptm

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_se_e_ptm

end ptm of sequence end in vobu

◆ vobu_sri

vobu_sri_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_sri

◆ vobu_start_sectors

uint32_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_start_sectors

◆ vobu_uop_ctl

user_ops_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_uop_ctl

UOP of vobu

◆ vobu_vob_idn

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vobu_vob_idn

VOB Id number that this VOBU is part of

◆ vts

vts_attributes_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts

◆ vts_atrt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_atrt

◆ vts_atrt_offsets

uint32_t* ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_atrt_offsets

◆ vts_audio_attr

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_audio_attr[8]

◆ vts_c_adt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_c_adt

◆ vts_cat

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_cat

◆ vts_category

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_category

◆ vts_identifier

char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_identifier[12]

◆ vts_last_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_last_sector

◆ vts_mu_audio_attr

multichannel_ext_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_mu_audio_attr[8]

◆ vts_pgcit

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_pgcit

◆ vts_ptt_srpt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_ptt_srpt

◆ vts_subp_attr

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_subp_attr[32]

◆ vts_tmapt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_tmapt

◆ vts_ttn

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_ttn

◆ vts_video_attr

video_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_video_attr

◆ vts_vobu_admap

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vts_vobu_admap

◆ vtsi_last_byte

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsi_last_byte

◆ vtsi_last_sector

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsi_last_sector

◆ vtsm_audio_attr

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_audio_attr

◆ vtsm_c_adt

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_c_adt

◆ vtsm_pgci_ut

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_pgci_ut

◆ vtsm_subp_attr

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_subp_attr

◆ vtsm_video_attr

video_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_video_attr

◆ vtsm_vobs

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_vobs

◆ vtsm_vobs_attr

video_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_vobs_attr

◆ vtsm_vobu_admap

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtsm_vobu_admap

◆ vtstt_audio_attr

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtstt_audio_attr[8]

◆ vtstt_subp_attr

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtstt_subp_attr[32]

◆ vtstt_vobs

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtstt_vobs

◆ vtstt_vobs_video_attr

video_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::vtstt_vobs_video_attr

◆ x_end

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::x_end

x end offset within the overlay

◆ x_start

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::x_start

x start offset within the overlay

◆ y_end

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::y_end

y end offset within the overlay

◆ y_start

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::y_start

y start offset within the overlay

◆ zero

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero

◆ zero1 [1/4]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero1


◆ zero1 [2/4]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero1


◆ zero1 [3/4]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero1


◆ zero1 [4/4]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero1[471]


◆ zero2 [1/3]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero2


◆ zero2 [2/3]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero2

◆ zero2 [3/3]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero2


◆ zero3 [1/2]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero3


◆ zero3 [2/2]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero3


◆ zero4 [1/2]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero4


◆ zero4 [2/2]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero4


◆ zero5 [1/3]

unsigned char ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero5

◆ zero5 [2/3]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero5


◆ zero5 [3/3]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero5


◆ zero6 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero6[19]

◆ zero6 [2/2]

unsigned int ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero6


◆ zero_1 [1/3]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_1

◆ zero_1 [2/3]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_1

◆ zero_1 [3/3]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_1

◆ zero_10 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_10[24]

◆ zero_10 [2/2]

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_10[27]

◆ zero_11

uint32_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_11

◆ zero_12

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_12[56]

◆ zero_13

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_13[24]

◆ zero_14

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_14

◆ zero_15

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_15[7]

◆ zero_16

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_16[17]

◆ zero_17

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_17[27]

◆ zero_18

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_18[2]

◆ zero_19

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_19

◆ zero_2 [1/3]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_2

◆ zero_2 [2/3]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_2

◆ zero_2 [3/3]

audio_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_2[7]

◆ zero_20

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_20[17]

◆ zero_21

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_21

◆ zero_3 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_3

◆ zero_3 [2/2]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_3

◆ zero_4 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_4

◆ zero_4 [2/2]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_4

◆ zero_5 [1/2]

subp_attr_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_5[27]

◆ zero_5 [2/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_5

◆ zero_6

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_6

◆ zero_7 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_7

◆ zero_7 [2/2]

uint16_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_7

◆ zero_8 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_8[32]

◆ zero_8 [2/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_8

◆ zero_9 [1/2]

uint8_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_9

◆ zero_9 [2/2]

uint64_t ATTRIBUTE_PACKED::zero_9

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