Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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C++ Binary Add-On Development

 CMake addon creation structureCMake help macros to create addon for Kodi
 Interface - kodiGeneral addon interface functions
 Interface - kodi::addonAddon type interface functions and classes
 Interface - kodi::guiGraphical functions for Windows and Dialogs to show
Offers classes and functions that manipulate the Graphical User Interface through windows, dialogs, and various control widgets
 Interface - kodi::platformPlatform specific functions
This group contains OS platform specific functions with which Kodi is accessed
 Interface - kodi::toolsHelper tools and functions
This group includes things that only work indirectly with Kodi
 Interface - kodi::audioengineAudio engine functions
This interface contains auxiliary functions and classes which allow an addon to play their own individual audio stream in Kodi
 Interface - kodi::vfsVirtual filesystem functions
Offers classes and functions for access to the Virtual File Server (VFS) which you can use to manipulate files and folders
 Interface - kodi::networkNetwork functions
The network module offers functions that allow you to control it

Python Add-On Development

 Library - xbmcGeneral functions on Kodi.
 Library - xbmcguiGUI functions on Kodi.
 Library - xbmcpluginPlugin functions on Kodi.
 Library - xbmcaddonKodi's addon class.
 Library - xbmcvfsVirtual file system functions on Kodi.
 Library - xbmcwsgiWeb Server Gateway Interface
 Library - xbmcdrm
 class AudioEncoderInfoTagInfo tag data structure
Representation of available information of processed audio file
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Value Help
 Font alignment flagsFlags for alignment
 Asynchronous jobs
 Guilib classes
 Graphics and Screen
 Strings and Localization
 Window Reference
 Music info
 List of sort methodsThese ID's can be used with the Container.SetSortMethod(id) function