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CSubtitleParserWebVTT Class Reference

#include <SubtitleParserWebVTT.h>

Inheritance diagram for CSubtitleParserWebVTT:
CDVDSubtitleParserText CSubtitlesAdapter CDVDSubtitleParserCollection CDVDSubtitleParser

Public Member Functions

 CSubtitleParserWebVTT (std::unique_ptr< CDVDSubtitleStream > &&pStream, const std::string &strFile)
 ~CSubtitleParserWebVTT ()=default
bool Open (CDVDStreamInfo &hints) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDSubtitleParserText
 CDVDSubtitleParserText (std::unique_ptr< CDVDSubtitleStream > &&stream, const std::string &filename, const char *name)
 ~CDVDSubtitleParserText () override=default
const std::string & GetName () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDSubtitleParserCollection
 CDVDSubtitleParserCollection (const std::string &strFile)
 ~CDVDSubtitleParserCollection () override=default
std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlayParse (double iPts) override
void Reset () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDSubtitleParser
virtual ~CDVDSubtitleParser ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from CSubtitlesAdapter
 CSubtitlesAdapter ()
virtual ~CSubtitlesAdapter ()
bool Initialize ()
 Initialize the subtitles adapter.
int AddSubtitle (std::string &text, double startTime, double stopTime)
 Add a subtitle.
int AddSubtitle (std::string &text, double startTime, double stopTime, KODI::SUBTITLES::STYLE::subtitleOpts *opts)
 Add a subtitle with supplementary options.
void AppendToSubtitle (int subtitleId, const char *text)
 Append text to the specified subtitle ID.
int DeleteSubtitles (int nSubtitles, int threshold)
 Delete old subtitles only if the total number of subtitles added reaches the threshold.
void ChangeSubtitleStopTime (int subtitleId, double stopTime)
 Change the stop time of a subtitle ID with the specified time.
void FlushSubtitles ()
std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlayCreateOverlay ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CDVDSubtitleParserText
bool Open ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CSubtitlesAdapter
virtual void PostProcess (std::string &text)
 Post processing of subtitle, will be called before processing AddSubtitle method.
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDVDSubtitleParserText
std::unique_ptr< CDVDSubtitleStreamm_pStream
std::string m_parserName
- Protected Attributes inherited from CDVDSubtitleParserCollection
CDVDSubtitleLineCollection m_collection
std::string m_filename

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSubtitleParserWebVTT()

CSubtitleParserWebVTT::CSubtitleParserWebVTT ( std::unique_ptr< CDVDSubtitleStream > && pStream,
const std::string & strFile )

◆ ~CSubtitleParserWebVTT()

CSubtitleParserWebVTT::~CSubtitleParserWebVTT ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Open()

bool CSubtitleParserWebVTT::Open ( CDVDStreamInfo & hints)

Implements CDVDSubtitleParser.

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