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CThread Class Reference

#include <Thread.h>

Inheritance diagram for CThread:
ADDON::CAddonStatusHandler ANNOUNCEMENT::CAnnouncementManager ActiveAE::CActiveAE ActiveAE::CActiveAESink CAirPlayServer CAirTunesServer CAlarmClock CBackgroundPicLoader CBusyWaiter CDVDRadioRDSData CDVDTeletextData CExternalPlayer CFDEventMonitor CGUIDialogCache CGUIDialogKeyboardTouch CIRServerSuite CJobWorker CLanguageInvokerThread CLibInputHandler CLirc CRssReader CTestBitstreamStatsThread CTestStopWatchThread CTimer CUdpClient CVideoInfoDownloader CVideoPlayer CVideoPlayerAudio CVideoPlayerAudioID3 CVideoPlayerVideo CVideoReferenceClock CWHelper CWin32PowerStateWorker CWinEventsAndroid CWinEventsOSX CWinEventsTVOS CZeroconfMDNS EVENTSERVER::CEventServer JSONRPC::CTCPServer KODI::GAME::CControllerInstaller KODI::GAME::CControllerSelect KODI::GAME::CGUIConfigurationWizard KODI::GAME::CGUIDialogButtonCapture KODI::JOYSTICK::CGUIDialogNewJoystick KODI::JOYSTICK::CRumbleGenerator KODI::MESSAGING::CDelayedMessage KODI::RETRO::CGameLoop KODI::RETRO::CRetroPlayerAutoSave MUSIC_GRABBER::CMusicInfoScraper PAPlayer PERIPHERALS::CEventScanner PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralBus PVR::CPVREpgContainer PVR::CPVRGUIInfo PVR::CPVRGUIProgressHandler PVR::CPVRManager PVR::CPVRRefreshTimelineItemsThread PVR::CPVRTimers UPNP::CUPnPPlayer VAAPI::COutput VDPAU::CMixer VDPAU::COutput WSDiscovery::CWSDiscoveryListenerUDP XFILE::CFileCache XFILE::CShoutcastFile

Public Member Functions

 CThread (IRunnable *pRunnable, const char *ThreadName)
virtual ~CThread ()
void Create (bool bAutoDelete=false)
template<typename Rep , typename Period >
void Sleep (std::chrono::duration< Rep, Period > duration)
bool IsAutoDelete () const
virtual void StopThread (bool bWait=true)
bool IsRunning () const
bool IsCurrentThread () const
bool Join (std::chrono::milliseconds duration)
bool SetPriority (const ThreadPriority &priority)
 Set the threads priority. This uses the platforms native threading library to do so.
virtual void OnException ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const std::thread::id GetCurrentThreadId ()
static CThreadGetCurrentThread ()

Protected Types

enum  WaitResponse { WAIT_INTERRUPTED = -1 , WAIT_SIGNALED = 0 , WAIT_TIMEDOUT = 1 }

Protected Member Functions

 CThread (const char *ThreadName)
virtual void OnStartup ()
virtual void OnExit ()
virtual void Process ()
WaitResponse AbortableWait (CEvent &event, std::chrono::milliseconds duration=std::chrono::milliseconds(-1))

Protected Attributes

std::atomic< boolm_bStop

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ WaitResponse

enum CThread::WaitResponse

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CThread() [1/2]

CThread::CThread ( const char * ThreadName)

◆ CThread() [2/2]

CThread::CThread ( IRunnable * pRunnable,
const char * ThreadName )

◆ ~CThread()

CThread::~CThread ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AbortableWait()

WaitResponse CThread::AbortableWait ( CEvent & event,
std::chrono::milliseconds duration = std::chrono::milliseconds(-1) )

This call will wait on a CEvent in an interruptible way such that if stop is called on the thread the wait will return with a response indicating what happened.

◆ Create()

void CThread::Create ( bool bAutoDelete = false)

◆ GetCurrentThread()

CThread * CThread::GetCurrentThread ( )

◆ GetCurrentThreadId()

static const std::thread::id CThread::GetCurrentThreadId ( )

◆ IsAutoDelete()

bool CThread::IsAutoDelete ( ) const

◆ IsCurrentThread()

bool CThread::IsCurrentThread ( ) const

◆ IsRunning()

bool CThread::IsRunning ( ) const

◆ Join()

bool CThread::Join ( std::chrono::milliseconds duration)

◆ OnException()

virtual void CThread::OnException ( )

Reimplemented in CLanguageInvokerThread.

◆ OnExit()

◆ OnStartup()

◆ Process()

◆ SetPriority()

bool CThread::SetPriority ( const ThreadPriority & priority)

Set the threads priority. This uses the platforms native threading library to do so.

◆ Sleep()

template<typename Rep , typename Period >
void CThread::Sleep ( std::chrono::duration< Rep, Period > duration)

◆ StopThread()

void CThread::StopThread ( bool bWait = true)

Reimplemented in XFILE::CFileCache.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bStop

std::atomic<bool> CThread::m_bStop

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