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AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem Struct Reference

#include <filesystem.h>

Public Attributes

bool(* can_open_directory )(void *kodiBase, const char *url)
bool(* create_directory )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* remove_directory )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* directory_exists )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* get_directory )(void *kodiBase, const char *path, const char *mask, struct VFSDirEntry **items, unsigned int *num_items)
void(* free_directory )(void *kodiBase, struct VFSDirEntry *items, unsigned int num_items)
bool(* file_exists )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, bool useCache)
bool(* stat_file )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, struct STAT_STRUCTURE *buffer)
bool(* delete_file )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename)
bool(* rename_file )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, const char *newFileName)
bool(* copy_file )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, const char *dest)
char *(* get_file_md5 )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename)
char *(* get_cache_thumb_name )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename)
char *(* make_legal_filename )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename)
char *(* make_legal_path )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
char *(* translate_special_protocol )(void *kodiBase, const char *strSource)
bool(* is_internet_stream )(void *kodiBase, const char *path, bool strictCheck)
bool(* is_on_lan )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* is_remote )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* is_local )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* is_url )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)
bool(* get_http_header )(void *kodiBase, const char *url, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)
bool(* get_mime_type )(void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **content, const char *useragent)
bool(* get_content_type )(void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **content, const char *useragent)
bool(* get_cookies )(void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **cookies)
bool(* http_header_create )(void *kodiBase, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)
void(* http_header_free )(void *kodiBase, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)
void *(* open_file )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, unsigned int flags)
void *(* open_file_for_write )(void *kodiBase, const char *filename, bool overwrite)
ssize_t(* read_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file, void *ptr, size_t size)
bool(* read_file_string )(void *kodiBase, void *file, char *szLine, int iLineLength)
ssize_t(* write_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file, const void *ptr, size_t size)
void(* flush_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
int64_t(* seek_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file, int64_t position, int whence)
int(* truncate_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file, int64_t size)
int64_t(* get_file_position )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
int64_t(* get_file_length )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
double(* get_file_download_speed )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
void(* close_file )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
int(* get_file_chunk_size )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
bool(* io_control_get_seek_possible )(void *kodiBase, void *file)
bool(* io_control_get_cache_status )(void *kodiBase, void *file, struct VFS_CACHE_STATUS_DATA *status)
bool(* io_control_set_cache_rate )(void *kodiBase, void *file, uint32_t rate)
bool(* io_control_set_retry )(void *kodiBase, void *file, bool retry)
char **(* get_property_values )(void *kodiBase, void *file, int type, const char *name, int *numValues)
void *(* curl_create )(void *kodiBase, const char *url)
bool(* curl_add_option )(void *kodiBase, void *file, int type, const char *name, const char *value)
bool(* curl_open )(void *kodiBase, void *file, unsigned int flags)
bool(* get_disk_space )(void *kodiBase, const char *path, uint64_t *capacity, uint64_t *free, uint64_t *available)
bool(* remove_directory_recursive )(void *kodiBase, const char *path)

Member Data Documentation

◆ can_open_directory

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::can_open_directory) (void *kodiBase, const char *url)

◆ close_file

void(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::close_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ copy_file

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::copy_file) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, const char *dest)

◆ create_directory

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::create_directory) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ curl_add_option

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::curl_add_option) (void *kodiBase, void *file, int type, const char *name, const char *value)

◆ curl_create

void *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::curl_create) (void *kodiBase, const char *url)

◆ curl_open

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::curl_open) (void *kodiBase, void *file, unsigned int flags)

◆ delete_file

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::delete_file) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename)

◆ directory_exists

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::directory_exists) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ file_exists

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::file_exists) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, bool useCache)

◆ flush_file

void(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::flush_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ free_directory

void(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::free_directory) (void *kodiBase, struct VFSDirEntry *items, unsigned int num_items)

◆ get_cache_thumb_name

char *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_cache_thumb_name) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename)

◆ get_content_type

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_content_type) (void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **content, const char *useragent)

◆ get_cookies

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_cookies) (void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **cookies)

◆ get_directory

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_directory) (void *kodiBase, const char *path, const char *mask, struct VFSDirEntry **items, unsigned int *num_items)

◆ get_disk_space

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_disk_space) (void *kodiBase, const char *path, uint64_t *capacity, uint64_t *free, uint64_t *available)

◆ get_file_chunk_size

int(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_file_chunk_size) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ get_file_download_speed

double(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_file_download_speed) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ get_file_length

int64_t(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_file_length) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ get_file_md5

char *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_file_md5) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename)

◆ get_file_position

int64_t(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_file_position) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ get_http_header

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_http_header) (void *kodiBase, const char *url, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)

◆ get_mime_type

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_mime_type) (void *kodiBase, const char *url, char **content, const char *useragent)

◆ get_property_values

char **(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::get_property_values) (void *kodiBase, void *file, int type, const char *name, int *numValues)

◆ http_header_create

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::http_header_create) (void *kodiBase, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)

◆ http_header_free

void(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::http_header_free) (void *kodiBase, struct KODI_HTTP_HEADER *headers)

◆ io_control_get_cache_status

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::io_control_get_cache_status) (void *kodiBase, void *file, struct VFS_CACHE_STATUS_DATA *status)

◆ io_control_get_seek_possible

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::io_control_get_seek_possible) (void *kodiBase, void *file)

◆ io_control_set_cache_rate

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::io_control_set_cache_rate) (void *kodiBase, void *file, uint32_t rate)

◆ io_control_set_retry

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::io_control_set_retry) (void *kodiBase, void *file, bool retry)

◆ is_internet_stream

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::is_internet_stream) (void *kodiBase, const char *path, bool strictCheck)

◆ is_local

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::is_local) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ is_on_lan

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::is_on_lan) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ is_remote

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::is_remote) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ is_url

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::is_url) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ make_legal_filename

char *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::make_legal_filename) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename)

◆ make_legal_path

char *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::make_legal_path) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ open_file

void *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::open_file) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, unsigned int flags)

◆ open_file_for_write

void *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::open_file_for_write) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, bool overwrite)

◆ read_file

ssize_t(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::read_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file, void *ptr, size_t size)

◆ read_file_string

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::read_file_string) (void *kodiBase, void *file, char *szLine, int iLineLength)

◆ remove_directory

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::remove_directory) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ remove_directory_recursive

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::remove_directory_recursive) (void *kodiBase, const char *path)

◆ rename_file

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::rename_file) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, const char *newFileName)

◆ seek_file

int64_t(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::seek_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file, int64_t position, int whence)

◆ stat_file

bool(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::stat_file) (void *kodiBase, const char *filename, struct STAT_STRUCTURE *buffer)

◆ translate_special_protocol

char *(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::translate_special_protocol) (void *kodiBase, const char *strSource)

◆ truncate_file

int(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::truncate_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file, int64_t size)

◆ write_file

ssize_t(* AddonToKodiFuncTable_kodi_filesystem::write_file) (void *kodiBase, void *file, const void *ptr, size_t size)

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