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BMPHEAD Struct Reference

#include <DirectXGraphics.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t id [2]
uint32_t filesize
uint32_t reserved
uint32_t headersize
uint32_t infoSize
uint32_t width
uint32_t height
uint16_t biPlanes
uint16_t bits
uint32_t biCompression
uint32_t biSizeImage
uint32_t biXPelsPerMeter
uint32_t biYPelsPerMeter
uint32_t biClrUsed
uint32_t biClrImportant

Member Data Documentation

◆ biClrImportant

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biClrImportant

◆ biClrUsed

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biClrUsed

◆ biCompression

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biCompression

◆ biPlanes

uint16_t BMPHEAD::biPlanes

◆ biSizeImage

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biSizeImage

◆ bits

uint16_t BMPHEAD::bits

◆ biXPelsPerMeter

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biXPelsPerMeter

◆ biYPelsPerMeter

uint32_t BMPHEAD::biYPelsPerMeter

◆ filesize

uint32_t BMPHEAD::filesize

◆ headersize

uint32_t BMPHEAD::headersize

◆ height

uint32_t BMPHEAD::height

◆ id

uint8_t BMPHEAD::id[2]

◆ infoSize

uint32_t BMPHEAD::infoSize

◆ reserved

uint32_t BMPHEAD::reserved

◆ width

uint32_t BMPHEAD::width

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