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KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool Class Referenceabstract

#include <IRenderBufferPool.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool:
KODI::RETRO::CBaseRenderBufferPool KODI::RETRO::CRenderBufferPoolDMA KODI::RETRO::CRenderBufferPoolGuiTexture KODI::RETRO::CRenderBufferPoolOpenGL KODI::RETRO::CRenderBufferPoolOpenGLES KODI::RETRO::CWinRenderBufferPool

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IRenderBufferPool ()=default
virtual void RegisterRenderer (CRPBaseRenderer *renderer)=0
virtual void UnregisterRenderer (CRPBaseRenderer *renderer)=0
virtual bool HasVisibleRenderer () const =0
virtual bool Configure (AVPixelFormat format)=0
virtual bool IsConfigured () const =0
virtual bool IsCompatible (const CRenderVideoSettings &renderSettings) const =0
virtual IRenderBufferGetBuffer (unsigned int width, unsigned int height)=0
 Get a free buffer from the pool, sets ref count to 1.
virtual void Return (IRenderBuffer *buffer)=0
 Called by buffer when ref count goes to zero.
virtual void Prime (unsigned int width, unsigned int height)=0
virtual void Flush ()=0
virtual DataAccess GetMemoryAccess () const
virtual DataAlignment GetMemoryAlignment () const
virtual std::shared_ptr< IRenderBufferPoolGetPtr ()
 Call in GetBuffer() before returning buffer to caller.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IRenderBufferPool()

virtual KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::~IRenderBufferPool ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Configure()

virtual bool KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::Configure ( AVPixelFormat format)
pure virtual

◆ Flush()

virtual void KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::Flush ( )
pure virtual

◆ GetBuffer()

virtual IRenderBuffer * KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::GetBuffer ( unsigned int width,
unsigned int height )
pure virtual

Get a free buffer from the pool, sets ref count to 1.

widthThe horizontal pixel count of the buffer
heightThe vertical pixel could of the buffer
The allocated buffer, or nullptr on failure

Implemented in KODI::RETRO::CBaseRenderBufferPool.

◆ GetMemoryAccess()

virtual DataAccess KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::GetMemoryAccess ( ) const

◆ GetMemoryAlignment()

virtual DataAlignment KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::GetMemoryAlignment ( ) const

◆ GetPtr()

virtual std::shared_ptr< IRenderBufferPool > KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::GetPtr ( )

Call in GetBuffer() before returning buffer to caller.

◆ HasVisibleRenderer()

virtual bool KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::HasVisibleRenderer ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ IsCompatible()

◆ IsConfigured()

virtual bool KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::IsConfigured ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ Prime()

virtual void KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::Prime ( unsigned int width,
unsigned int height )
pure virtual

◆ RegisterRenderer()

virtual void KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::RegisterRenderer ( CRPBaseRenderer * renderer)
pure virtual

◆ Return()

virtual void KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::Return ( IRenderBuffer * buffer)
pure virtual

Called by buffer when ref count goes to zero.

bufferA fully dereferenced buffer

Implemented in KODI::RETRO::CBaseRenderBufferPool.

◆ UnregisterRenderer()

virtual void KODI::RETRO::IRenderBufferPool::UnregisterRenderer ( CRPBaseRenderer * renderer)
pure virtual

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