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CWakeOnAccess Class Reference

#include <WakeOnAccess.h>

Inheritance diagram for CWakeOnAccess:
IJobCallback ISettingCallback ISettingsHandler


struct  WakeUpEntry

Public Member Functions

bool WakeUpHost (const CURL &fileUrl)
bool WakeUpHost (const std::string &hostName, const std::string &customMessage)
void QueueMACDiscoveryForAllRemotes ()
void OnJobComplete (unsigned int jobID, bool success, CJob *job) override
 The callback used when a job completes.
void OnSettingChanged (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting) override
 The value of the given setting has changed.
void OnSettingsLoaded () override
 Settings have been loaded.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISettingCallback
virtual ~ISettingCallback ()=default
virtual bool OnSettingChanging (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting)
 The value of the given setting is being changed.
virtual void OnSettingAction (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting)
 The given setting has been activated.
virtual bool OnSettingUpdate (const std::shared_ptr< CSetting > &setting, const char *oldSettingId, const TiXmlNode *oldSettingNode)
 The given setting needs to be updated.
virtual void OnSettingPropertyChanged (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting, const char *propertyName)
 The given property of the given setting has changed.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISettingsHandler
virtual ~ISettingsHandler ()=default
virtual bool OnSettingsLoading ()
 Settings loading has been initiated.
virtual bool OnSettingsSaving () const
 Settings saving has been initiated.
virtual void OnSettingsSaved () const
 Settings have been saved.
virtual void OnSettingsUnloaded ()
 Setting values have been unloaded.
virtual void OnSettingsCleared ()
 Settings have been cleared.

Static Public Member Functions

static CWakeOnAccessGetInstance ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInstance()

CWakeOnAccess & CWakeOnAccess::GetInstance ( )

◆ OnJobComplete()

void CWakeOnAccess::OnJobComplete ( unsigned int jobID,
bool success,
CJob * job )

The callback used when a job completes.

OnJobComplete is called at the completion of the job's DoWork() function, and is used to return information to the caller on the result of the job. On returning form this function the CJobManager will destroy this job.

jobIDthe unique id of the job (as retrieved from CJobManager::AddJob)
successthe result from the DoWork call
jobthe job that has been processed. The job will be destroyed after this function returns
See also
CJobManager and CJob

Implements IJobCallback.

◆ OnSettingChanged()

void CWakeOnAccess::OnSettingChanged ( const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > & setting)

The value of the given setting has changed.

This callback is triggered whenever the value of a setting has been successfully changed (i.e. none of the OnSettingChanging() handlers) has reverted the change.

settingThe setting whose value has been changed

Reimplemented from ISettingCallback.

◆ OnSettingsLoaded()

void CWakeOnAccess::OnSettingsLoaded ( )

Settings have been loaded.

This callback can be used to trigger loading other settings.

Reimplemented from ISettingsHandler.

◆ QueueMACDiscoveryForAllRemotes()

void CWakeOnAccess::QueueMACDiscoveryForAllRemotes ( )

◆ WakeUpHost() [1/2]

bool CWakeOnAccess::WakeUpHost ( const CURL & fileUrl)

◆ WakeUpHost() [2/2]

bool CWakeOnAccess::WakeUpHost ( const std::string & hostName,
const std::string & customMessage )

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