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CAEDeviceInfo Class Reference

#include <AEDeviceInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

 operator std::string ()
std::string GetFriendlyName () const
std::string ToDeviceString (const std::string &driver) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string DeviceTypeToString (enum AEDeviceType deviceType)

Public Attributes

std::string m_deviceName
std::string m_displayName
std::string m_displayNameExtra
enum AEDeviceType m_deviceType
CAEChannelInfo m_channels
AESampleRateList m_sampleRates
AEDataFormatList m_dataFormats
AEDataTypeList m_streamTypes
bool m_wantsIECPassthrough
bool m_onlyPassthrough {false}
bool m_onlyPCM {false}

Detailed Description

This classt provides the details of what the audio output hardware is capable of

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeviceTypeToString()

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::DeviceTypeToString ( enum AEDeviceType deviceType)

◆ GetFriendlyName()

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::GetFriendlyName ( ) const

◆ operator std::string()

CAEDeviceInfo::operator std::string ( )

◆ ToDeviceString()

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::ToDeviceString ( const std::string & driver) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_channels

CAEChannelInfo CAEDeviceInfo::m_channels

◆ m_dataFormats

AEDataFormatList CAEDeviceInfo::m_dataFormats

◆ m_deviceName

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::m_deviceName

◆ m_deviceType

enum AEDeviceType CAEDeviceInfo::m_deviceType

◆ m_displayName

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::m_displayName

◆ m_displayNameExtra

std::string CAEDeviceInfo::m_displayNameExtra

◆ m_onlyPassthrough

bool CAEDeviceInfo::m_onlyPassthrough {false}

◆ m_onlyPCM

bool CAEDeviceInfo::m_onlyPCM {false}

◆ m_sampleRates

AESampleRateList CAEDeviceInfo::m_sampleRates

◆ m_streamTypes

AEDataTypeList CAEDeviceInfo::m_streamTypes

◆ m_wantsIECPassthrough

bool CAEDeviceInfo::m_wantsIECPassthrough

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