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CVideoLibraryJob Class Referenceabstract

Basic implementation/interface of a CJob which interacts with the video database. More...

#include <VideoLibraryJob.h>

Inheritance diagram for CVideoLibraryJob:
CJob CVideoLibraryMarkWatchedJob CVideoLibraryProgressJob CVideoLibraryResetResumePointJob CVideoLibraryScanningJob CVideoLibraryCleaningJob CVideoLibraryRefreshingJob

Public Member Functions

 ~CVideoLibraryJob () override
virtual bool CanBeCancelled () const
 Whether the job can be cancelled or not.
virtual bool Cancel ()
 Tries to cancel the running job.
bool DoWork () override
 Main workhorse function of CJob instances.
const char * GetType () const override
 Function that returns the type of job.
bool operator== (const CJob *job) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CJob
 CJob ()
virtual ~CJob ()=default
 Destructor for job objects.
virtual bool ShouldCancel (unsigned int progress, unsigned int total) const
 Function for longer jobs to report progress and check whether they have been cancelled.

Protected Member Functions

 CVideoLibraryJob ()
virtual bool Work (CVideoDatabase &db)=0
 Worker method to be implemented by an actual implementation.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CJob
enum  PRIORITY {
 Priority levels for jobs, specified by clients when adding jobs to the CJobManager. More...

Detailed Description

Basic implementation/interface of a CJob which interacts with the video database.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CVideoLibraryJob()

CVideoLibraryJob::~CVideoLibraryJob ( )

◆ CVideoLibraryJob()

CVideoLibraryJob::CVideoLibraryJob ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanBeCancelled()

virtual bool CVideoLibraryJob::CanBeCancelled ( ) const

Whether the job can be cancelled or not.

Reimplemented in CVideoLibraryScanningJob.

◆ Cancel()

virtual bool CVideoLibraryJob::Cancel ( )

Tries to cancel the running job.

True if the job was cancelled, false otherwise

Reimplemented in CVideoLibraryScanningJob.

◆ DoWork()

bool CVideoLibraryJob::DoWork ( )

Main workhorse function of CJob instances.

All CJob subclasses must implement this function, performing all processing. Once this function is complete, the OnJobComplete() callback is called, and the job is then destroyed.

See also
CJobManager, IJobCallback::OnJobComplete()

Implements CJob.

Reimplemented in CVideoLibraryProgressJob.

◆ GetType()

const char * CVideoLibraryJob::GetType ( ) const

Function that returns the type of job.

CJob subclasses may optionally implement this function to specify the type of job. This is useful for the CJobManager::AddLIFOJob() routine, which preempts similar jobs with the new job.

a unique character string describing the job.
See also

Reimplemented from CJob.

Reimplemented in CVideoLibraryMarkWatchedJob, CVideoLibraryProgressJob, CVideoLibraryRefreshingJob, CVideoLibraryResetResumePointJob, and CVideoLibraryScanningJob.

◆ operator==()

bool CVideoLibraryJob::operator== ( const CJob * job) const

◆ Work()

virtual bool CVideoLibraryJob::Work ( CVideoDatabase & db)
protectedpure virtual

Worker method to be implemented by an actual implementation.

[in]dbAlready open video database to be used for interaction
True if the process succeeded, false otherwise

Implemented in CVideoLibraryCleaningJob, CVideoLibraryMarkWatchedJob, CVideoLibraryRefreshingJob, CVideoLibraryResetResumePointJob, and CVideoLibraryScanningJob.

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