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CGUITextureManager Class Reference

#include <TextureManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 CGUITextureManager (void)
virtual ~CGUITextureManager (void)
bool HasTexture (const std::string &textureName, std::string *path=NULL, int *bundle=NULL, int *size=NULL)
const CTextureArrayLoad (const std::string &strTextureName, bool checkBundleOnly=false)
void ReleaseTexture (const std::string &strTextureName, bool immediately=false)
void Cleanup ()
void Dump () const
uint32_t GetMemoryUsage () const
void Flush ()
std::string GetTexturePath (const std::string &textureName, bool directory=false)
std::vector< std::string > GetBundledTexturesFromPath (const std::string &texturePath)
void AddTexturePath (const std::string &texturePath)
 Add a new path to the paths to check when loading media.
void SetTexturePath (const std::string &texturePath)
 Set a single path as the path to check when loading media (clear then add)
void RemoveTexturePath (const std::string &texturePath)
 Remove a path from the paths to check when loading media.
void FreeUnusedTextures (unsigned int timeDelay=0)
 Free textures (called from app thread only)
void ReleaseHwTexture (unsigned int texture)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CanLoad (const std::string &texturePath)
 Returns true if the texture manager can load this texture.

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< CTextureMap * >::iterator ivecTextures

Protected Attributes

std::vector< CTextureMap * > m_vecTextures
std::list< std::pair< CTextureMap *, std::chrono::time_point< std::chrono::steady_clock > > > m_unusedTextures
std::vector< unsigned intm_unusedHwTextures
CTextureBundle m_TexBundle [2]
std::vector< std::string > m_texturePaths
CCriticalSection m_section

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ivecTextures

typedef std::vector<CTextureMap*>::iterator CGUITextureManager::ivecTextures

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUITextureManager()

CGUITextureManager::CGUITextureManager ( void )

◆ ~CGUITextureManager()

CGUITextureManager::~CGUITextureManager ( void )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddTexturePath()

void CGUITextureManager::AddTexturePath ( const std::string & texturePath)

Add a new path to the paths to check when loading media.

◆ CanLoad()

bool CGUITextureManager::CanLoad ( const std::string & texturePath)

Returns true if the texture manager can load this texture.

◆ Cleanup()

void CGUITextureManager::Cleanup ( )

◆ Dump()

void CGUITextureManager::Dump ( ) const

◆ Flush()

void CGUITextureManager::Flush ( )

◆ FreeUnusedTextures()

void CGUITextureManager::FreeUnusedTextures ( unsigned int timeDelay = 0)

Free textures (called from app thread only)

◆ GetBundledTexturesFromPath()

std::vector< std::string > CGUITextureManager::GetBundledTexturesFromPath ( const std::string & texturePath)

◆ GetMemoryUsage()

unsigned int CGUITextureManager::GetMemoryUsage ( ) const

◆ GetTexturePath()

std::string CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath ( const std::string & textureName,
bool directory = false )

◆ HasTexture()

bool CGUITextureManager::HasTexture ( const std::string & textureName,
std::string * path = NULL,
int * bundle = NULL,
int * size = NULL )

◆ Load()

const CTextureArray & CGUITextureManager::Load ( const std::string & strTextureName,
bool checkBundleOnly = false )

◆ ReleaseHwTexture()

void CGUITextureManager::ReleaseHwTexture ( unsigned int texture)

◆ ReleaseTexture()

void CGUITextureManager::ReleaseTexture ( const std::string & strTextureName,
bool immediately = false )

◆ RemoveTexturePath()

void CGUITextureManager::RemoveTexturePath ( const std::string & texturePath)

Remove a path from the paths to check when loading media.

◆ SetTexturePath()

void CGUITextureManager::SetTexturePath ( const std::string & texturePath)

Set a single path as the path to check when loading media (clear then add)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_section

CCriticalSection CGUITextureManager::m_section

◆ m_TexBundle

CTextureBundle CGUITextureManager::m_TexBundle[2]

◆ m_texturePaths

std::vector<std::string> CGUITextureManager::m_texturePaths

◆ m_unusedHwTextures

std::vector<unsigned int> CGUITextureManager::m_unusedHwTextures

◆ m_unusedTextures

std::list<std::pair<CTextureMap*, std::chrono::time_point<std::chrono::steady_clock> > > CGUITextureManager::m_unusedTextures

◆ m_vecTextures

std::vector<CTextureMap*> CGUITextureManager::m_vecTextures

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