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CNetworkMacOS Class Reference

#include <NetworkMacOS.h>

Inheritance diagram for CNetworkMacOS:
CNetworkPosix CNetworkBase

Public Member Functions

 CNetworkMacOS ()
 ~CNetworkMacOS () override=default
bool PingHost (unsigned long host, unsigned int timeout_ms=2000) override
std::vector< std::string > GetNameServers () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CNetworkPosix
virtual ~CNetworkPosix () override
std::vector< CNetworkInterface * > & GetInterfaceList () override
CNetworkInterfaceGetFirstConnectedInterface () override
int GetSocket ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CNetworkBase
 CNetworkBase ()
virtual ~CNetworkBase ()
CNetworkServicesGetServices ()
virtual bool GetHostName (std::string &hostname)
bool HasInterfaceForIP (unsigned long address)
bool IsAvailable (void)
bool IsConnected (void)
bool WakeOnLan (const char *mac)
bool PingHost (unsigned long host, unsigned short port, unsigned int timeout_ms=2000, bool readability_check=false)
void NetworkMessage (EMESSAGE message, int param)
bool IsLocalHost (const std::string &hostname)
void WaitForNet ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CNetworkBase
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CNetworkBase
static std::unique_ptr< CNetworkBaseGetNetwork ()
static int ParseHex (char *str, unsigned char *addr)
static std::string GetIpStr (const sockaddr *sa)
 IPv6/IPv4 compatible conversion of host IP address.
static std::string GetMaskByPrefixLength (uint8_t prefixLength)
 convert prefix length of IPv4 address to IP mask representation
- Public Attributes inherited from CNetworkBase
std::unique_ptr< CNetworkServicesm_services
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CNetworkPosix
 CNetworkPosix ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from CNetworkPosix
std::vector< CNetworkInterface * > m_interfaces

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CNetworkMacOS()

CNetworkMacOS::CNetworkMacOS ( )

◆ ~CNetworkMacOS()

CNetworkMacOS::~CNetworkMacOS ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNameServers()

std::vector< std::string > CNetworkMacOS::GetNameServers ( void )

Implements CNetworkBase.

◆ PingHost()

bool CNetworkMacOS::PingHost ( unsigned long host,
unsigned int timeout_ms = 2000 )

Implements CNetworkBase.

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