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DemuxCryptoInfo Struct Reference

#include <DemuxCrypto.h>

Inheritance diagram for DemuxCryptoInfo:

Public Member Functions

 DemuxCryptoInfo (const unsigned int numSubs)
 ~DemuxCryptoInfo ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from DEMUX_CRYPTO_INFO
uint16_t numSubSamples
 Number of subsamples.
uint16_t flags
 Flags for later use.
uint16_t * clearBytes
 numSubSamples uint16_t's which define the size of clear size of a subsample.
uint32_t * cipherBytes
 numSubSamples uint32_t's which define the size of cipher size of a subsample.
uint8_t iv [16]
 Initialization vector.
uint8_t kid [16]
 Key id.
uint16_t mode
 Encryption mode.
uint8_t cryptBlocks
 Crypt blocks - number of blocks to encrypt in sample encryption pattern.
uint8_t skipBlocks
 Skip blocks - number of blocks to skip in sample encryption pattern.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DemuxCryptoInfo()

DemuxCryptoInfo::DemuxCryptoInfo ( const unsigned int numSubs)

◆ ~DemuxCryptoInfo()

DemuxCryptoInfo::~DemuxCryptoInfo ( )

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