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TextCacheStruct_t Struct Reference

#include <TeletextDefines.h>

Public Attributes

int CurrentPage [9]
int CurrentSubPage [9]
TextExtData_tastP29 [9]
TextCachedPage_tastCachetable [0x900][0x80]
unsigned char SubPageTable [0x900]
unsigned char BasicTop [0x900]
short FlofPages [0x900][FLOFSIZE]
char ADIPTable [0x900][13]
int ADIP_PgMax
int ADIP_Pg [10]
bool BTTok
int CachedPages
int PageReceiving
int Page
int SubPage
bool PageUpdate
int NationalSubset
int NationalSubsetSecondary
bool ZapSubpageManual
TextSubtitle_t SubtitlePages [8]
unsigned char TimeString [8]
int vtxtpid
unsigned char FullRowColor [25]
unsigned char FullScrColor
unsigned char tAPx
unsigned char tAPy
short pop
short gpop
short drcs
short gdrcs
unsigned short * ColorTable
std::string line30
CCriticalSection m_critSection

Member Data Documentation


int TextCacheStruct_t::ADIP_Pg[10]

◆ ADIP_PgMax

int TextCacheStruct_t::ADIP_PgMax

◆ ADIPTable

char TextCacheStruct_t::ADIPTable[0x900][13]

◆ astCachetable

TextCachedPage_t* TextCacheStruct_t::astCachetable[0x900][0x80]

◆ astP29

TextExtData_t* TextCacheStruct_t::astP29[9]

◆ BasicTop

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::BasicTop[0x900]

◆ BTTok

bool TextCacheStruct_t::BTTok

◆ CachedPages

int TextCacheStruct_t::CachedPages

◆ ColorTable

unsigned short* TextCacheStruct_t::ColorTable

◆ CurrentPage

int TextCacheStruct_t::CurrentPage[9]

◆ CurrentSubPage

int TextCacheStruct_t::CurrentSubPage[9]

◆ drcs

short TextCacheStruct_t::drcs

◆ FlofPages

short TextCacheStruct_t::FlofPages[0x900][FLOFSIZE]

◆ FullRowColor

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::FullRowColor[25]

◆ FullScrColor

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::FullScrColor

◆ gdrcs

short TextCacheStruct_t::gdrcs

◆ gpop

short TextCacheStruct_t::gpop

◆ line30

std::string TextCacheStruct_t::line30

◆ m_critSection

CCriticalSection TextCacheStruct_t::m_critSection

◆ NationalSubset

int TextCacheStruct_t::NationalSubset

◆ NationalSubsetSecondary

int TextCacheStruct_t::NationalSubsetSecondary

◆ Page

int TextCacheStruct_t::Page

◆ PageReceiving

int TextCacheStruct_t::PageReceiving

◆ PageUpdate

bool TextCacheStruct_t::PageUpdate

◆ pop

short TextCacheStruct_t::pop

◆ SubPage

int TextCacheStruct_t::SubPage

◆ SubPageTable

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::SubPageTable[0x900]

◆ SubtitlePages

TextSubtitle_t TextCacheStruct_t::SubtitlePages[8]

◆ tAPx

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::tAPx

◆ tAPy

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::tAPy

◆ TimeString

unsigned char TextCacheStruct_t::TimeString[8]

◆ vtxtpid

int TextCacheStruct_t::vtxtpid

◆ ZapSubpageManual

bool TextCacheStruct_t::ZapSubpageManual

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