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CZeroconfBrowserMDNS Class Reference

#include <ZeroconfBrowserMDNS.h>

Inheritance diagram for CZeroconfBrowserMDNS:

Public Member Functions

 CZeroconfBrowserMDNS ()
 ~CZeroconfBrowserMDNS ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CZeroconfBrowser
void Start ()
void Stop ()
std::vector< ZeroconfServiceGetFoundServices ()
bool ResolveService (ZeroconfService &fr_service, double f_timeout=1.0)
bool AddServiceType (const std::string &fcr_service_type)
bool RemoveServiceType (const std::string &fcr_service_type)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CZeroconfBrowser
static CZeroconfBrowserGetInstance ()
static void ReleaseInstance ()
static bool IsInstantiated ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CZeroconfBrowser
 CZeroconfBrowser ()
 CZeroconfBrowser (const CZeroconfBrowser &)=delete
CZeroconfBrowseroperator= (const CZeroconfBrowser &)=delete
virtual ~CZeroconfBrowser ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CZeroconfBrowserMDNS()

CZeroconfBrowserMDNS::CZeroconfBrowserMDNS ( )

◆ ~CZeroconfBrowserMDNS()

CZeroconfBrowserMDNS::~CZeroconfBrowserMDNS ( )

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