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CStereoscopicsManager Class Reference

#include <StereoscopicsManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for CStereoscopicsManager:
ISettingCallback IMsgTargetCallback

Public Member Functions

 CStereoscopicsManager ()
 ~CStereoscopicsManager (void) override
void Initialize ()
RENDER_STEREO_MODE GetStereoMode (void) const
std::string DetectStereoModeByString (const std::string &needle) const
std::string GetLabelForStereoMode (const RENDER_STEREO_MODE &mode) const
void SetStereoMode (const RENDER_STEREO_MODE &mode)
void OnSettingChanged (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting) override
 The value of the given setting has changed.
void OnStreamChange ()
bool OnMessage (CGUIMessage &message) override
bool OnAction (const CAction &action)
 Handle 3D specific cActions.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISettingCallback
virtual ~ISettingCallback ()=default
virtual bool OnSettingChanging (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting)
 The value of the given setting is being changed.
virtual void OnSettingAction (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting)
 The given setting has been activated.
virtual bool OnSettingUpdate (const std::shared_ptr< CSetting > &setting, const char *oldSettingId, const TiXmlNode *oldSettingNode)
 The given setting needs to be updated.
virtual void OnSettingPropertyChanged (const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > &setting, const char *propertyName)
 The given property of the given setting has changed.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMsgTargetCallback
virtual ~IMsgTargetCallback ()=default

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * ConvertGuiStereoModeToString (const RENDER_STEREO_MODE &mode)
static CAction ConvertActionCommandToAction (const std::string &command, const std::string &parameter)
 Converts a stereoscopics related action/command from Builtins and JsonRPC into the according cAction ID.
static std::string NormalizeStereoMode (const std::string &mode)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CStereoscopicsManager()

CStereoscopicsManager::CStereoscopicsManager ( )
Move this to Initialize() to avoid potential problems in ctor

◆ ~CStereoscopicsManager()

CStereoscopicsManager::~CStereoscopicsManager ( void )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertActionCommandToAction()

CAction CStereoscopicsManager::ConvertActionCommandToAction ( const std::string & command,
const std::string & parameter )

Converts a stereoscopics related action/command from Builtins and JsonRPC into the according cAction ID.

commandThe command/action
parameterThe parameter of the command
The integer of the according cAction or -1 if not valid

◆ ConvertGuiStereoModeToString()

const char * CStereoscopicsManager::ConvertGuiStereoModeToString ( const RENDER_STEREO_MODE & mode)

◆ DetectStereoModeByString()

std::string CStereoscopicsManager::DetectStereoModeByString ( const std::string & needle) const

◆ GetLabelForStereoMode()

std::string CStereoscopicsManager::GetLabelForStereoMode ( const RENDER_STEREO_MODE & mode) const

◆ GetStereoMode()

RENDER_STEREO_MODE CStereoscopicsManager::GetStereoMode ( void ) const

◆ Initialize()

void CStereoscopicsManager::Initialize ( )

◆ NormalizeStereoMode()

std::string CStereoscopicsManager::NormalizeStereoMode ( const std::string & mode)

◆ OnAction()

bool CStereoscopicsManager::OnAction ( const CAction & action)

Handle 3D specific cActions.

actionThe action to process
True if action could be handled, false otherwise.

◆ OnMessage()

bool CStereoscopicsManager::OnMessage ( CGUIMessage & message)

Implements IMsgTargetCallback.

◆ OnSettingChanged()

void CStereoscopicsManager::OnSettingChanged ( const std::shared_ptr< const CSetting > & setting)

The value of the given setting has changed.

This callback is triggered whenever the value of a setting has been successfully changed (i.e. none of the OnSettingChanging() handlers) has reverted the change.

settingThe setting whose value has been changed

Reimplemented from ISettingCallback.

◆ OnStreamChange()

void CStereoscopicsManager::OnStreamChange ( )

◆ SetStereoMode()

void CStereoscopicsManager::SetStereoMode ( const RENDER_STEREO_MODE & mode)

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