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Stream packet and ephemeral metadata More...

#include <game.h>

Public Attributes

 The stream type.
union { 
   game_stream_audio_packet   audio 
 The audio stream packet. More...
   game_stream_video_packet   video 
 The video stream packet. More...
   game_stream_hw_framebuffer_packet   hw_framebuffer 
 The hardware framebuffer packet. More...
   game_stream_sw_framebuffer_packet   sw_framebuffer 
 The software framebuffer packet. More...

Detailed Description

Stream packet and ephemeral metadata

This packet contains stream data and accompanying metadata. The metadata is ephemeral, meaning it only applies to the current packet and can change from packet to packet in the same stream.

Member Data Documentation

◆ [union]

union { ... } game_stream_packet

◆ audio

game_stream_audio_packet game_stream_packet::audio

The audio stream packet.

◆ hw_framebuffer

game_stream_hw_framebuffer_packet game_stream_packet::hw_framebuffer

The hardware framebuffer packet.

◆ sw_framebuffer

game_stream_sw_framebuffer_packet game_stream_packet::sw_framebuffer

The software framebuffer packet.

◆ type

GAME_STREAM_TYPE game_stream_packet::type

The stream type.

◆ video

game_stream_video_packet game_stream_packet::video

The video stream packet.

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