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Immutable stream metadata More...

#include <game.h>

Public Attributes

 The stream type.
union { 
   game_stream_audio_properties   audio 
 The audio stream properties. More...
   game_stream_video_properties   video 
 The video stream properties. More...
   game_stream_hw_framebuffer_properties   hw_framebuffer 
 The hardware framebuffer properties. More...
   game_stream_sw_framebuffer_properties   sw_framebuffer 
 The software framebuffer properties. More...

Detailed Description

Immutable stream metadata

This metadata is provided when the stream is opened. If any stream properties change, a new stream must be opened.

Member Data Documentation

◆ [union]

union { ... } game_stream_properties

◆ audio

game_stream_audio_properties game_stream_properties::audio

The audio stream properties.

◆ hw_framebuffer

game_stream_hw_framebuffer_properties game_stream_properties::hw_framebuffer

The hardware framebuffer properties.

◆ sw_framebuffer

game_stream_sw_framebuffer_properties game_stream_properties::sw_framebuffer

The software framebuffer properties.

◆ type

GAME_STREAM_TYPE game_stream_properties::type

The stream type.

◆ video

game_stream_video_properties game_stream_properties::video

The video stream properties.

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