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ICodec Class Referenceabstract

#include <ICodec.h>

Inheritance diagram for ICodec:
CachingCodec KODI::ADDONS::CAudioDecoder VideoPlayerCodec

Public Member Functions

 ICodec ()
virtual ~ICodec ()=default
virtual bool Init (const CFileItem &file, unsigned int filecache)=0
virtual bool CanSeek ()
virtual bool Seek (int64_t iSeekTime)=0
virtual int ReadPCM (uint8_t *pBuffer, size_t size, size_t *actualsize)=0
virtual int ReadRaw (uint8_t **pBuffer, int *bufferSize)
virtual bool CanInit ()=0
virtual void SetTotalTime (int64_t totaltime)
virtual bool IsCaching () const
virtual int GetCacheLevel () const

Public Attributes

int64_t m_TotalTime
int m_bitRate
int m_bitsPerSample
int m_bitsPerCodedSample
std::string m_CodecName
MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoTag m_tag
XFILE::CFile m_file
AEAudioFormat m_format

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ICodec()

ICodec::ICodec ( )

◆ ~ICodec()

virtual ICodec::~ICodec ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanInit()

virtual bool ICodec::CanInit ( )
pure virtual

◆ CanSeek()

virtual bool ICodec::CanSeek ( )

Reimplemented in VideoPlayerCodec.

◆ GetCacheLevel()

virtual int ICodec::GetCacheLevel ( ) const

Reimplemented in CachingCodec.

◆ Init()

virtual bool ICodec::Init ( const CFileItem & file,
unsigned int filecache )
pure virtual

◆ IsCaching()

virtual bool ICodec::IsCaching ( ) const

◆ ReadPCM()

virtual int ICodec::ReadPCM ( uint8_t * pBuffer,
size_t size,
size_t * actualsize )
pure virtual

◆ ReadRaw()

virtual int ICodec::ReadRaw ( uint8_t ** pBuffer,
int * bufferSize )

Reimplemented in VideoPlayerCodec.

◆ Seek()

virtual bool ICodec::Seek ( int64_t iSeekTime)
pure virtual

◆ SetTotalTime()

virtual void ICodec::SetTotalTime ( int64_t totaltime)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bitRate

int ICodec::m_bitRate

◆ m_bitsPerCodedSample

int ICodec::m_bitsPerCodedSample

◆ m_bitsPerSample

int ICodec::m_bitsPerSample

◆ m_CodecName

std::string ICodec::m_CodecName

◆ m_file

XFILE::CFile ICodec::m_file

◆ m_format

AEAudioFormat ICodec::m_format

◆ m_tag

◆ m_TotalTime

int64_t ICodec::m_TotalTime

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