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IPowerSyscall Class Referenceabstract

#include <IPowerSyscall.h>

Inheritance diagram for IPowerSyscall:
CAbstractPowerSyscall CLogindUPowerSyscall CPowerSyscall CPowerSyscallWithoutEvents CUPowerSyscall CWin32PowerSyscall CAndroidPowerSyscall CCocoaPowerSyscall CFallbackPowerSyscall CLunaPowerManagement CTVOSPowerSyscall CConsoleUPowerSyscall

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IPowerSyscall ()=default
virtual bool Powerdown ()=0
virtual bool Suspend ()=0
virtual bool Hibernate ()=0
virtual bool Reboot ()=0
virtual bool CanPowerdown ()=0
virtual bool CanSuspend ()=0
virtual bool CanHibernate ()=0
virtual bool CanReboot ()=0
virtual int CountPowerFeatures ()=0
virtual int BatteryLevel ()=0
virtual bool PumpPowerEvents (IPowerEventsCallback *callback)=0
 Pump power related events back to xbmc.

Static Public Member Functions

static IPowerSyscallCreateInstance ()
 Called by power manager to create platform power system adapter.
static void RegisterPowerSyscall (CreatePowerSyscallFunc createFunc)

Static Public Attributes

static const int MAX_COUNT_POWER_FEATURES = 4

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IPowerSyscall()

virtual IPowerSyscall::~IPowerSyscall ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BatteryLevel()

◆ CanHibernate()

◆ CanPowerdown()

◆ CanReboot()

◆ CanSuspend()

◆ CountPowerFeatures()

virtual int IPowerSyscall::CountPowerFeatures ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in CAbstractPowerSyscall.

◆ CreateInstance()

IPowerSyscall * IPowerSyscall::CreateInstance ( )

Called by power manager to create platform power system adapter.

This method used to create platform specified power system adapter

◆ Hibernate()

◆ Powerdown()

◆ PumpPowerEvents()

virtual bool IPowerSyscall::PumpPowerEvents ( IPowerEventsCallback * callback)
pure virtual

Pump power related events back to xbmc.

PumpPowerEvents is called from Application Thread and the platform implementation may signal power related events back to xbmc through the callback.

return true if an event occurred and false if not.

callbackthe callback to signal to

Implemented in CWin32PowerSyscall, CAndroidPowerSyscall, CCocoaPowerSyscall, CTVOSPowerSyscall, CLogindUPowerSyscall, CUPowerSyscall, CPowerSyscall, and CPowerSyscallWithoutEvents.

◆ Reboot()

◆ RegisterPowerSyscall()

void IPowerSyscall::RegisterPowerSyscall ( CreatePowerSyscallFunc createFunc)

◆ Suspend()

Member Data Documentation


const int IPowerSyscall::MAX_COUNT_POWER_FEATURES = 4

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