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CGUIControlSpinExSetting Class Reference

#include <GUIControlSettings.h>

Inheritance diagram for CGUIControlSpinExSetting:
CGUIControlBaseSetting ILocalizer

Public Member Functions

 CGUIControlSpinExSetting (CGUISpinControlEx *pSpin, int id, std::shared_ptr< CSetting > pSetting, ILocalizer *localizer)
 ~CGUIControlSpinExSetting () override
CGUIControlGetControl () override
bool OnClick () override
void Clear () override
 Clears the attached control.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIControlBaseSetting
 CGUIControlBaseSetting (int id, std::shared_ptr< CSetting > pSetting, ILocalizer *localizer)
 ~CGUIControlBaseSetting () override=default
int GetID () const
std::shared_ptr< CSettingGetSetting ()
void SetDelayed ()
 Specifies that this setting should update after a delay Useful for settings that have options to navigate through and may take a while, or require additional input to update once the final setting is chosen. Settings default to updating instantly.
bool IsDelayed () const
 Returns whether this setting should have delayed update.
bool IsEnabled () const
 Returns whether this setting is enabled or disabled This state is independent of the real enabled state of a setting control but represents the enabled state of the setting itself based on specific conditions.
bool IsValid () const
 Returns whether the setting's value is valid or not.
void SetValid (bool valid)
void UpdateFromControl ()
void UpdateFromSetting (bool updateDisplayOnly=false)

Protected Member Functions

void Update (bool fromControl, bool updateDisplayOnly) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIControlBaseSetting
std::string Localize (std::uint32_t code) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ILocalizer
 ILocalizer ()=default
virtual ~ILocalizer ()=default

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControlBaseSetting
int m_id
std::shared_ptr< CSettingm_pSetting
bool m_delayed = false
bool m_valid = true

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIControlSpinExSetting()

CGUIControlSpinExSetting::CGUIControlSpinExSetting ( CGUISpinControlEx * pSpin,
int id,
std::shared_ptr< CSetting > pSetting,
ILocalizer * localizer )

◆ ~CGUIControlSpinExSetting()

CGUIControlSpinExSetting::~CGUIControlSpinExSetting ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void CGUIControlSpinExSetting::Clear ( )

Clears the attached control.

Implements CGUIControlBaseSetting.

◆ GetControl()

CGUIControl * CGUIControlSpinExSetting::GetControl ( )

Reimplemented from CGUIControlBaseSetting.

◆ OnClick()

bool CGUIControlSpinExSetting::OnClick ( )

Reimplemented from CGUIControlBaseSetting.

◆ Update()

void CGUIControlSpinExSetting::Update ( bool fromControl,
bool updateDisplayOnly )

Reimplemented from CGUIControlBaseSetting.

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