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CDVDOverlayImage Class Reference

#include <DVDOverlayImage.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDVDOverlayImage:

Public Member Functions

 CDVDOverlayImage ()
 CDVDOverlayImage (const CDVDOverlayImage &src, int sub_x, int sub_y, int sub_w, int sub_h)
 ~CDVDOverlayImage () override=default
std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlayClone () override
uint8_tdata_at (int sub_x, int sub_y) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CDVDOverlay
 CDVDOverlay (DVDOverlayType type)
 CDVDOverlay (const CDVDOverlay &src)
virtual ~CDVDOverlay ()=default
bool IsOverlayType (DVDOverlayType type) const
virtual void SetTextAlignEnabled (bool enable)
bool IsTextAlignEnabled () const
void SetOverlayContainerFlushable (bool isFlushable)
bool IsOverlayContainerFlushable () const
void SetForcedMargins (bool setForcedMargins)
bool IsForcedMargins () const

Public Attributes

std::vector< uint8_tpixels
std::vector< uint32_t > palette
int linesize {0}
int x {0}
int y {0}
int width {0}
int height {0}
int source_width {0}
int source_height {0}
- Public Attributes inherited from CDVDOverlay
double iPTSStartTime
double iPTSStopTime
bool bForced
bool replace
unsigned long m_textureid

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CDVDOverlay
DVDOverlayType m_type
bool m_enableTextAlign
bool m_overlayContainerFlushable
bool m_setForcedMargins

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CDVDOverlayImage() [1/2]

CDVDOverlayImage::CDVDOverlayImage ( )

◆ CDVDOverlayImage() [2/2]

CDVDOverlayImage::CDVDOverlayImage ( const CDVDOverlayImage & src,
int sub_x,
int sub_y,
int sub_w,
int sub_h )

◆ ~CDVDOverlayImage()

CDVDOverlayImage::~CDVDOverlayImage ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlay > CDVDOverlayImage::Clone ( )

return a copy to VideoPlayerSubtitle in order to have hw resources cleared after rendering

Reimplemented from CDVDOverlay.

◆ data_at()

uint8_t * CDVDOverlayImage::data_at ( int sub_x,
int sub_y ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ height

int CDVDOverlayImage::height {0}

◆ linesize

int CDVDOverlayImage::linesize {0}

◆ palette

std::vector<uint32_t> CDVDOverlayImage::palette

◆ pixels

std::vector<uint8_t> CDVDOverlayImage::pixels

◆ source_height

int CDVDOverlayImage::source_height {0}

◆ source_width

int CDVDOverlayImage::source_width {0}

◆ width

int CDVDOverlayImage::width {0}

◆ x

int CDVDOverlayImage::x {0}

◆ y

int CDVDOverlayImage::y {0}

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