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CAbstractPowerSyscall Class Reference

#include <IPowerSyscall.h>

Inheritance diagram for CAbstractPowerSyscall:
IPowerSyscall CLogindUPowerSyscall CPowerSyscall CPowerSyscallWithoutEvents CUPowerSyscall CWin32PowerSyscall CAndroidPowerSyscall CCocoaPowerSyscall CFallbackPowerSyscall CLunaPowerManagement CTVOSPowerSyscall CConsoleUPowerSyscall

Public Member Functions

int CountPowerFeatures () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from IPowerSyscall
virtual ~IPowerSyscall ()=default
virtual bool Powerdown ()=0
virtual bool Suspend ()=0
virtual bool Hibernate ()=0
virtual bool Reboot ()=0
virtual bool CanPowerdown ()=0
virtual bool CanSuspend ()=0
virtual bool CanHibernate ()=0
virtual bool CanReboot ()=0
virtual int BatteryLevel ()=0
virtual bool PumpPowerEvents (IPowerEventsCallback *callback)=0
 Pump power related events back to xbmc.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IPowerSyscall
static IPowerSyscallCreateInstance ()
 Called by power manager to create platform power system adapter.
static void RegisterPowerSyscall (CreatePowerSyscallFunc createFunc)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from IPowerSyscall
static const int MAX_COUNT_POWER_FEATURES = 4

Member Function Documentation

◆ CountPowerFeatures()

int CAbstractPowerSyscall::CountPowerFeatures ( )

Implements IPowerSyscall.

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