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CVideoTagLoaderNFO Class Reference

Video tag loader using nfo files. More...

#include <VideoTagLoaderNFO.h>

Inheritance diagram for CVideoTagLoaderNFO:

Public Member Functions

 CVideoTagLoaderNFO (const CFileItem &item, ADDON::ScraperPtr info, bool lookInFolder)
 ~CVideoTagLoaderNFO () override=default
bool HasInfo () const override
 Returns whether or not read has info.
CInfoScanner::INFO_TYPE Load (CVideoInfoTag &tag, bool prioritise, std::vector< EmbeddedArt > *=nullptr) override
 Load "tag" from nfo file.
- Public Member Functions inherited from KODI::VIDEO::IVideoInfoTagLoader
 IVideoInfoTagLoader (const CFileItem &item, ADDON::ScraperPtr info, bool lookInFolder)
virtual ~IVideoInfoTagLoader ()=default
const CScraperUrlScraperUrl () const
 Returns url associated with obtained URL (NFO_URL et al).
const ADDON::ScraperPtr GetAddonInfo () const
 Returns current scaper info.

Protected Member Functions

std::string FindNFO (const CFileItem &item, bool movieFolder) const
 Find nfo file for item.

Protected Attributes

std::string m_path
 Path to nfo file.
- Protected Attributes inherited from KODI::VIDEO::IVideoInfoTagLoader
const CFileItemm_item
 Reference to item to load for.
ADDON::ScraperPtr m_info
 Scraper info.
CScraperUrl m_url
 URL for scraper.

Detailed Description

Video tag loader using nfo files.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CVideoTagLoaderNFO()

CVideoTagLoaderNFO::CVideoTagLoaderNFO ( const CFileItem & item,
ADDON::ScraperPtr info,
bool lookInFolder )

◆ ~CVideoTagLoaderNFO()

CVideoTagLoaderNFO::~CVideoTagLoaderNFO ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ FindNFO()

std::string CVideoTagLoaderNFO::FindNFO ( const CFileItem & item,
bool movieFolder ) const

Find nfo file for item.

itemThe item to find NFO file for
movieFolderIf true, look for movie.nfo

◆ HasInfo()

bool CVideoTagLoaderNFO::HasInfo ( ) const

Returns whether or not read has info.

Implements KODI::VIDEO::IVideoInfoTagLoader.

◆ Load()

CInfoScanner::INFO_TYPE CVideoTagLoaderNFO::Load ( CVideoInfoTag & tag,
bool prioritise,
std::vector< EmbeddedArt > * = nullptr )

Load "tag" from nfo file.

tag Tag to load info into

Implements KODI::VIDEO::IVideoInfoTagLoader.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_path

std::string CVideoTagLoaderNFO::m_path

Path to nfo file.

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