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CArtist Class Reference

#include <Artist.h>

Public Member Functions

bool operator< (const CArtist &a) const
void MergeScrapedArtist (const CArtist &source, bool override=true)
void Reset ()
bool Load (const TiXmlElement *element, bool append=false, bool prioritise=false)
 Load artist information from an XML file. See CVideoInfoTag::Load for a description of the types of elements we load.
bool Save (TiXmlNode *node, const std::string &tag, const std::string &strPath)
void SetDateAdded (const std::string &strDateAdded)
void SetDateUpdated (const std::string &strDateUpdated)
void SetDateNew (const std::string &strDateNew)

Public Attributes

int idArtist = -1
std::string strArtist
std::string strSortName
std::string strMusicBrainzArtistID
std::string strType
std::string strGender
std::string strDisambiguation
std::vector< std::string > genre
std::string strBiography
std::vector< std::string > styles
std::vector< std::string > moods
std::vector< std::string > instruments
std::string strBorn
std::string strFormed
std::string strDied
std::string strDisbanded
std::vector< std::string > yearsActive
std::string strPath
CScraperUrl thumbURL
std::map< std::string, std::string > art
std::vector< CDiscoAlbumdiscography
CDateTime dateAdded
CDateTime dateUpdated
CDateTime dateNew
bool bScrapedMBID = false
std::string strLastScraped
std::vector< ArtistVideoLinksvideolinks

Member Function Documentation

◆ Load()

bool CArtist::Load ( const TiXmlElement * element,
bool append = false,
bool prioritise = false )

Load artist information from an XML file. See CVideoInfoTag::Load for a description of the types of elements we load.

elementthe root XML element to parse.
appendwhether information should be added to the existing tag, or whether it should be reset first.
prioritiseif appending, whether additive tags should be prioritised (i.e. replace or prepend) over existing values. Defaults to false.
See also

◆ MergeScrapedArtist()

void CArtist::MergeScrapedArtist ( const CArtist & source,
bool override = true )

◆ operator<()

bool CArtist::operator< ( const CArtist & a) const

◆ Reset()

void CArtist::Reset ( )

◆ Save()

bool CArtist::Save ( TiXmlNode * node,
const std::string & tag,
const std::string & strPath )

◆ SetDateAdded()

void CArtist::SetDateAdded ( const std::string & strDateAdded)

◆ SetDateNew()

void CArtist::SetDateNew ( const std::string & strDateNew)

◆ SetDateUpdated()

void CArtist::SetDateUpdated ( const std::string & strDateUpdated)

Member Data Documentation

◆ art

std::map<std::string, std::string> CArtist::art

◆ bScrapedMBID

bool CArtist::bScrapedMBID = false

◆ dateAdded

CDateTime CArtist::dateAdded

◆ dateNew

CDateTime CArtist::dateNew

◆ dateUpdated

CDateTime CArtist::dateUpdated

◆ discography

std::vector<CDiscoAlbum> CArtist::discography

◆ genre

std::vector<std::string> CArtist::genre

◆ idArtist

int CArtist::idArtist = -1

◆ instruments

std::vector<std::string> CArtist::instruments

◆ moods

std::vector<std::string> CArtist::moods

◆ strArtist

std::string CArtist::strArtist

◆ strBiography

std::string CArtist::strBiography

◆ strBorn

std::string CArtist::strBorn

◆ strDied

std::string CArtist::strDied

◆ strDisambiguation

std::string CArtist::strDisambiguation

◆ strDisbanded

std::string CArtist::strDisbanded

◆ strFormed

std::string CArtist::strFormed

◆ strGender

std::string CArtist::strGender

◆ strLastScraped

std::string CArtist::strLastScraped

◆ strMusicBrainzArtistID

std::string CArtist::strMusicBrainzArtistID

◆ strPath

std::string CArtist::strPath

◆ strSortName

std::string CArtist::strSortName

◆ strType

std::string CArtist::strType

◆ styles

std::vector<std::string> CArtist::styles

◆ thumbURL

CScraperUrl CArtist::thumbURL

◆ videolinks

std::vector<ArtistVideoLinks> CArtist::videolinks

◆ yearsActive

std::vector<std::string> CArtist::yearsActive

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