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CDirtyRegion Class Reference

#include <DirtyRegion.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDirtyRegion:
CRectGen< float >

Public Member Functions

 CDirtyRegion (const CRect &rect)
 CDirtyRegion (float left, float top, float right, float bottom)
 CDirtyRegion ()
int UpdateAge ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CRectGen< float >
 CRectGen () noexcept=default
constexpr CRectGen (float left, float top, float right, float bottom)
constexpr CRectGen (const point_type &p1, const point_type &p2)
constexpr CRectGen (const point_type &origin, const size_type &size)
constexpr CRectGen (const CRectGen< U > &rhs)
void SetRect (float left, float top, float right, float bottom)
constexpr bool PtInRect (const point_type &point) const
constexpr bool Intersects (const this_type &rect) const
this_typeoperator-= (const point_type &point) XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
this_typeoperator-= (const size_type &size)
constexpr this_type operator- (const point_type &point) const
constexpr this_type operator- (const size_type &size) const
this_typeoperator+= (const point_type &point) XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
this_typeoperator+= (const size_type &size)
constexpr this_type operator+ (const point_type &point) const
constexpr this_type operator+ (const size_type &size) const
this_typeIntersect (const this_type &rect)
this_typeUnion (const this_type &rect)
constexpr bool IsEmpty () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
constexpr point_type P1 () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
constexpr point_type P2 () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
constexpr float Width () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
constexpr float Height () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
constexpr float Area () const XBMC_FORCE_INLINE
size_type ToSize () const
std::vector< this_typeSubtractRect (this_type splitterRect)
std::vector< this_typeSubtractRects (const std::vector< this_type > &intersectionList)
void GetQuad (point_type(&points)[4])

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CRectGen< float >
typedef CRectGen< float > this_type
typedef CPointGen< float > point_type
typedef CSizeGen< float > size_type
- Public Attributes inherited from CRectGen< float >
float x1
float y1
float x2
float y2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CDirtyRegion() [1/3]

CDirtyRegion::CDirtyRegion ( const CRect & rect)

◆ CDirtyRegion() [2/3]

CDirtyRegion::CDirtyRegion ( float left,
float top,
float right,
float bottom )

◆ CDirtyRegion() [3/3]

CDirtyRegion::CDirtyRegion ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ UpdateAge()

int CDirtyRegion::UpdateAge ( )

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