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EPG_TAG Struct Reference

"C" PVR add-on channel group member. More...

#include <pvr_epg.h>

Inheritance diagram for EPG_TAG:

Public Attributes

unsigned int iUniqueBroadcastId
unsigned int iUniqueChannelId
const char * strTitle
time_t startTime
time_t endTime
const char * strPlotOutline
const char * strPlot
const char * strOriginalTitle
const char * strCast
const char * strDirector
const char * strWriter
int iYear
const char * strIMDBNumber
const char * strIconPath
int iGenreType
int iGenreSubType
const char * strGenreDescription
const char * strFirstAired
int iParentalRating
const char * strParentalRatingCode
int iStarRating
int iSeriesNumber
int iEpisodeNumber
int iEpisodePartNumber
const char * strEpisodeName
unsigned int iFlags
const char * strSeriesLink

Detailed Description

"C" PVR add-on channel group member.

Structure used to interface in "C" between Kodi and Addon.

See kodi::addon::PVREPGTag for description of values.

Member Data Documentation

◆ endTime

time_t EPG_TAG::endTime

◆ iEpisodeNumber

int EPG_TAG::iEpisodeNumber

◆ iEpisodePartNumber

int EPG_TAG::iEpisodePartNumber

◆ iFlags

unsigned int EPG_TAG::iFlags

◆ iGenreSubType

int EPG_TAG::iGenreSubType

◆ iGenreType

int EPG_TAG::iGenreType

◆ iParentalRating

int EPG_TAG::iParentalRating

◆ iSeriesNumber

int EPG_TAG::iSeriesNumber

◆ iStarRating

int EPG_TAG::iStarRating

◆ iUniqueBroadcastId

unsigned int EPG_TAG::iUniqueBroadcastId

◆ iUniqueChannelId

unsigned int EPG_TAG::iUniqueChannelId

◆ iYear

int EPG_TAG::iYear

◆ startTime

time_t EPG_TAG::startTime

◆ strCast

const char* EPG_TAG::strCast

◆ strDirector

const char* EPG_TAG::strDirector

◆ strEpisodeName

const char* EPG_TAG::strEpisodeName

◆ strFirstAired

const char* EPG_TAG::strFirstAired

◆ strGenreDescription

const char* EPG_TAG::strGenreDescription

◆ strIconPath

const char* EPG_TAG::strIconPath

◆ strIMDBNumber

const char* EPG_TAG::strIMDBNumber

◆ strOriginalTitle

const char* EPG_TAG::strOriginalTitle

◆ strParentalRatingCode

const char* EPG_TAG::strParentalRatingCode

◆ strPlot

const char* EPG_TAG::strPlot

◆ strPlotOutline

const char* EPG_TAG::strPlotOutline

◆ strSeriesLink

const char* EPG_TAG::strSeriesLink

◆ strTitle

const char* EPG_TAG::strTitle

◆ strWriter

const char* EPG_TAG::strWriter

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