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CDirectoryHistory Class Reference

#include <DirectoryHistory.h>


class  CHistoryItem
class  CPathHistoryItem

Public Member Functions

 CDirectoryHistory ()=default
virtual ~CDirectoryHistory ()
void SetSelectedItem (const std::string &strSelectedItem, const std::string &strDirectory, const int indexItem=-1)
 Store the currently selected item for the navigation path.
const std::string & GetSelectedItem (const std::string &strDirectory) const
int GetSelectedItemIndex (const std::string &strDirectory) const
void RemoveSelectedItem (const std::string &strDirectory)
void AddPath (const std::string &strPath, const std::string &m_strFilterPath="")
void AddPathFront (const std::string &strPath, const std::string &m_strFilterPath="")
std::string GetParentPath (bool filter=false)
std::string RemoveParentPath (bool filter=false)
void ClearPathHistory ()
void ClearSearchHistory ()
void DumpPathHistory ()
bool IsInHistory (const std::string &path) const
 Returns whether a path is in the history.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CDirectoryHistory()

CDirectoryHistory::CDirectoryHistory ( )

◆ ~CDirectoryHistory()

CDirectoryHistory::~CDirectoryHistory ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddPath()

void CDirectoryHistory::AddPath ( const std::string & strPath,
const std::string & m_strFilterPath = "" )

◆ AddPathFront()

void CDirectoryHistory::AddPathFront ( const std::string & strPath,
const std::string & m_strFilterPath = "" )

◆ ClearPathHistory()

void CDirectoryHistory::ClearPathHistory ( )

◆ ClearSearchHistory()

void CDirectoryHistory::ClearSearchHistory ( )

◆ DumpPathHistory()

void CDirectoryHistory::DumpPathHistory ( )

◆ GetParentPath()

std::string CDirectoryHistory::GetParentPath ( bool filter = false)

◆ GetSelectedItem()

const std::string & CDirectoryHistory::GetSelectedItem ( const std::string & strDirectory) const

◆ GetSelectedItemIndex()

int CDirectoryHistory::GetSelectedItemIndex ( const std::string & strDirectory) const

◆ IsInHistory()

bool CDirectoryHistory::IsInHistory ( const std::string & path) const

Returns whether a path is in the history.

pathto test
true if the path is in the history, false otherwise.

◆ RemoveParentPath()

std::string CDirectoryHistory::RemoveParentPath ( bool filter = false)

◆ RemoveSelectedItem()

void CDirectoryHistory::RemoveSelectedItem ( const std::string & strDirectory)

◆ SetSelectedItem()

void CDirectoryHistory::SetSelectedItem ( const std::string & strSelectedItem,
const std::string & strDirectory,
const int indexItem = -1 )

Store the currently selected item for the navigation path.

strSelectedItemSelected item
indexItemIndex of the selected item (in list, after filtering/sorting). -1 when the index information is not available.

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