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PVR::CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules Class Reference

#include <GUIWindowPVRTimerRules.h>

Inheritance diagram for PVR::CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules:
PVR::CGUIWindowPVRTimersBase PVR::CGUIWindowPVRBase CGUIMediaWindow CGUIWindow CGUIControlGroup CGUIControlLookup CGUIControl

Public Member Functions

 CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules ()
 ~CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from PVR::CGUIWindowPVRTimersBase
 CGUIWindowPVRTimersBase (bool bRadio, int id, const std::string &xmlFile)
 ~CGUIWindowPVRTimersBase () override
bool OnMessage (CGUIMessage &message) override
bool OnAction (const CAction &action) override
void OnPrepareFileItems (CFileItemList &items) override
 On prepare file items.
bool Update (const std::string &strDirectory, bool updateFilterPath=true) override
 Retrieves the items from the given path and updates the list.
void UpdateButtons () override
 Updates the states.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PVR::CGUIWindowPVRBase
 ~CGUIWindowPVRBase () override
void OnInitWindow () override
 Called on window open.
void OnDeinitWindow (int nextWindowID) override
void SetInvalid () override
bool CanBeActivated () const override
bool UseFileDirectories () override
void Notify (const PVREvent &event)
 CEventStream callback for PVR events.
virtual void NotifyEvent (const PVREvent &event)
bool DoRefresh ()
 Refresh window content.
bool ActivatePreviousChannelGroup ()
bool ActivateNextChannelGroup ()
bool OpenChannelGroupSelectionDialog ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIMediaWindow
 CGUIMediaWindow (int id, const char *xmlFile)
 ~CGUIMediaWindow (void) override
bool OnBack (int actionID) override
void OnWindowLoaded () override
void OnWindowUnload () override
bool IsMediaWindow () const override
int GetViewContainerID () const override
int GetViewCount () const override
bool HasListItems () const override
CFileItemPtr GetCurrentListItem (int offset=0) override
virtual bool CanFilterAdvanced ()
virtual bool IsFiltered ()
virtual bool IsSameStartFolder (const std::string &dir)
const CFileItemListCurrentDirectory () const
const CGUIViewStateGetViewState () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIWindow
 CGUIWindow (int id, const std::string &xmlFile)
 ~CGUIWindow (void) override
bool Initialize ()
bool Load (const std::string &strFileName, bool bContainsPath=false)
void CenterWindow ()
void DoProcess (unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions) override
void DoRender () override
 Main render function, called every frame. Window classes should override this only if they need to alter how something is rendered. General updating on a per-frame basis should be handled in FrameMove instead, as DoRender is not necessarily re-entrant.
void AfterRender ()
 Do any post render activities. Check if window closing animation is finished and finalize window closing.
virtual void FrameMove ()
 Main update function, called every frame prior to rendering Any window that requires updating on a frame by frame basis (such as to maintain timers and the like) should override this function.
void Close (bool forceClose=false, int nextWindowID=0, bool enableSound=true, bool bWait=true)
virtual bool OnInfo (int actionID)
virtual void ClearBackground ()
 Clear the background (if necessary) prior to rendering the window.
bool OnMove (int fromControl, int moveAction)
bool ControlGroupHasFocus (int groupID, int controlID)
void SetID (int id) override
virtual bool HasID (int controlID) const
const std::vector< int > & GetIDRange () const
int GetPreviousWindow ()
CRect GetScaledBounds () const
void ClearAll () override
virtual void AllocResources (bool forceLoad=false)
void FreeResources (bool forceUnLoad=false) override
void DynamicResourceAlloc (bool bOnOff) override
virtual bool IsDialog () const
virtual bool IsDialogRunning () const
virtual bool IsModalDialog () const
virtual bool IsSoundEnabled () const
virtual bool IsActive () const
void SetCoordsRes (const RESOLUTION_INFO &res)
const RESOLUTION_INFOGetCoordsRes () const
void SetLoadType (LOAD_TYPE loadType)
LOAD_TYPE GetLoadType ()
int GetRenderOrder ()
void SetInitialVisibility () override
bool IsVisible () const override
virtual bool HasVisibleControls ()
bool IsAnimating (ANIMATION_TYPE animType) override
bool IsCustom () const
 Return if the window is a custom window.
void SetCustom (bool custom)
 Mark this window as custom window.
void DisableAnimations ()
virtual void ResetControlStates ()
void UpdateControlStats () override
void SetRunActionsManually ()
void RunLoadActions () const
void RunUnloadActions () const
void SetProperty (const std::string &key, const CVariant &value)
 Set a property Sets the value of a property referenced by a key.
CVariant GetProperty (const std::string &key) const
 Retrieve a property.
void ClearProperties ()
 Clear a all the window's properties.
bool HasSaveLastControl () const
void AllocResources () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIControlGroup
 CGUIControlGroup ()
 CGUIControlGroup (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height)
 CGUIControlGroup (const CGUIControlGroup &from)
 ~CGUIControlGroup (void) override
CGUIControlGroupClone () const override
void Process (unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions) override
void Render () override
void RenderEx () override
virtual bool SendControlMessage (CGUIMessage &message)
bool HasFocus () const override
bool CanFocus () const override
void AssignDepth () override
EVENT_RESULT SendMouseEvent (const CPoint &point, const KODI::MOUSE::CMouseEvent &event) override
 React to a mouse event.
void UnfocusFromPoint (const CPoint &point) override
 Unfocus the control if the given point on screen is not within it's boundary.
bool HasAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE anim) override
void QueueAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE anim) override
void ResetAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE anim) override
void ResetAnimations () override
int GetFocusedControlID () const
CGUIControlGetFocusedControl () const
virtual void AddControl (CGUIControl *control, int position=-1)
bool InsertControl (CGUIControl *control, const CGUIControl *insertPoint)
virtual bool RemoveControl (const CGUIControl *control)
void SetDefaultControl (int id, bool always)
void SetRenderFocusedLast (bool renderLast)
void SaveStates (std::vector< CControlState > &states) override
bool IsGroup () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIControlLookup
 CGUIControlLookup ()=default
 CGUIControlLookup (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height)
 CGUIControlLookup (const CGUIControlLookup &from)
 ~CGUIControlLookup (void) override=default
CGUIControlGetControl (int id, std::vector< CGUIControl * > *idCollector=nullptr) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIControl
 CGUIControl ()
 CGUIControl (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height)
 CGUIControl (const CGUIControl &)
virtual ~CGUIControl (void)
bool HasProcessed () const
 Returns whether or not we have processed.
virtual void OnUp ()
virtual void OnDown ()
virtual void OnLeft ()
virtual void OnRight ()
virtual bool OnBack ()
virtual bool OnInfo ()
virtual void OnNextControl ()
virtual void OnPrevControl ()
virtual void OnFocus ()
virtual void OnUnFocus ()
virtual bool HitTest (const CPoint &point) const
 Used to test whether the point is inside a control.
virtual int GetID (void) const
int GetParentID () const
virtual bool IsDynamicallyAllocated ()
bool IsVisibleFromSkin () const
virtual bool IsDisabled () const
virtual void SetPosition (float posX, float posY)
virtual void SetHitRect (const CRect &rect, const KODI::UTILS::COLOR::Color &color)
virtual void SetCamera (const CPoint &camera)
virtual void SetStereoFactor (const float &factor)
bool SetColorDiffuse (const KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoColor &color)
CPoint GetRenderPosition () const
virtual float GetXPosition () const
virtual float GetYPosition () const
virtual float GetWidth () const
virtual float GetHeight () const
void MarkDirtyRegion (const unsigned int dirtyState=DIRTY_STATE_CONTROL)
bool IsControlDirty () const
const CRectGetRenderRegion () const
 return the render region in screen coordinates of this control
virtual CRect CalcRenderRegion () const
 calculate the render region in parentcontrol coordinates of this control Called during process to update m_renderRegion
void SetActions (const ActionMap &actions)
void SetAction (int actionID, const CGUIAction &action, bool replace=true)
 Set actions to perform on navigation Navigations are set if replace is true or if there is no previously set action.
CGUIAction GetAction (int actionID) const
 Get an action the control can be perform.
bool Navigate (int direction) const
 Start navigating in given direction.
virtual void SetFocus (bool focus)
virtual void SetWidth (float width)
virtual void SetHeight (float height)
virtual void SetVisible (bool bVisible, bool setVisState=false)
void SetVisibleCondition (const std::string &expression, const std::string &allowHiddenFocus="")
bool HasVisibleCondition () const
void SetEnableCondition (const std::string &expression)
virtual void UpdateVisibility (const CGUIListItem *item)
virtual void SetEnabled (bool bEnable)
virtual void SetPulseOnSelect (bool pulse)
virtual std::string GetDescription () const
virtual std::string GetDescriptionByIndex (int index) const
void SetAnimations (const std::vector< CAnimation > &animations)
const std::vector< CAnimation > & GetAnimations () const
CAnimationGetAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE type, bool checkConditions=true)
virtual void UpdateInfo (const CGUIListItem *item=NULL)
virtual void SetPushUpdates (bool pushUpdates)
virtual bool IsContainer () const
virtual bool GetCondition (int condition, int data) const
void SetParentControl (CGUIControl *control)
CGUIControlGetParentControl (void) const
void SetControlStats (GUICONTROLSTATS *controlStats)
GUICONTROLTYPES GetControlType () const
bool IsControlRenderable ()
 Test whether the control is "drawable" (not a group or similar)

Protected Member Functions

std::string GetRootPath () const override
std::string GetDirectoryPath () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PVR::CGUIWindowPVRBase
 CGUIWindowPVRBase (bool bRadio, int id, const std::string &xmlFile)
virtual void ClearData ()
bool InitChannelGroup ()
 Init this window's channel group with the currently active (the "playing") channel group.
std::shared_ptr< CPVRChannelGroupGetChannelGroup ()
 Get the channel group for this window.
void SetChannelGroup (std::shared_ptr< CPVRChannelGroup > &&group, bool bUpdate=true)
 Set a new channel group, start listening to this group, optionally update window content.
virtual void UpdateSelectedItemPath ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIMediaWindow
CGUIControlGetFirstFocusableControl (int id) override
bool Load (TiXmlElement *pRootElement) override
 Loads the window from the given XML element.
virtual void SetupShares ()
virtual bool GoParentFolder ()
 Go one directory up on list items.
virtual bool OnClick (int iItem, const std::string &player="")
 On click.
virtual bool OnSelect (int item)
virtual bool OnPopupMenu (int iItem)
virtual void GetContextButtons (int itemNumber, CContextButtons &buttons)
virtual bool OnContextButton (int itemNumber, CONTEXT_BUTTON button)
virtual bool OnAddMediaSource ()
virtual void FormatItemLabels (CFileItemList &items, const LABEL_MASKS &labelMasks)
 Formats item labels.
void SaveControlStates () override
void RestoreControlStates () override
virtual bool GetDirectory (const std::string &strDirectory, CFileItemList &items)
 Overwrite to fill fileitems from a source.
virtual bool Refresh (bool clearCache=false)
 Refreshes the current list by retrieving the lists's path.
virtual void FormatAndSort (CFileItemList &items)
 Format and sort file items.
virtual void OnCacheFileItems (CFileItemList &items)
 On cache file items.
virtual void GetGroupedItems (CFileItemList &items)
void ClearFileItems ()
virtual void SortItems (CFileItemList &items)
 Sort file items.
virtual bool CheckFilterAdvanced (CFileItemList &items) const
 Check if the given list can be advance filtered or not.
virtual bool CanContainFilter (const std::string &strDirectory) const
 Check if the given path can contain a "filter" parameter.
virtual void UpdateFilterPath (const std::string &strDirector, const CFileItemList &items, bool updateFilterPath)
virtual bool Filter (bool advanced=true)
void OnFilterItems (const std::string &filter)
virtual bool GetFilteredItems (const std::string &filter, CFileItemList &items)
virtual bool GetAdvanceFilteredItems (CFileItemList &items)
virtual bool HaveDiscOrConnection (const std::string &strPath, int iDriveType)
 Check disc or connection present.
void ShowShareErrorMessage (CFileItem *pItem) const
 Shows a standard error message for a given pItem.
void SaveSelectedItemInHistory ()
void RestoreSelectedItemFromHistory ()
void GetDirectoryHistoryString (const CFileItem *pItem, std::string &strHistoryString) const
 Get history string for given file item.
void SetHistoryForPath (const std::string &strDirectory)
 Set history for path.
virtual void LoadPlayList (const std::string &strFileName)
virtual bool OnPlayMedia (int iItem, const std::string &player="")
 On media play.
virtual bool OnPlayAndQueueMedia (const CFileItemPtr &item, const std::string &player="")
 On play and media queue.
void UpdateFileList ()
 Update file list.
virtual void OnDeleteItem (int iItem)
void OnRenameItem (int iItem)
bool WaitForNetwork () const
bool GetDirectoryItems (CURL &url, CFileItemList &items, bool useDir)
bool WaitGetDirectoryItems (CGetDirectoryItems &items)
void CancelUpdateItems ()
virtual std::string GetStartFolder (const std::string &url)
 Translate the folder to start in from the given quick path.
bool ProcessRenderLoop (bool renderOnly)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIWindow
EVENT_RESULT OnMouseEvent (const CPoint &point, const KODI::MOUSE::CMouseEvent &event) override
 Perform a mouse action.
virtual bool LoadXML (const std::string &strPath, const std::string &strLowerPath)
 Load the window XML from the given path.
virtual std::unique_ptr< TiXmlElement > Prepare (const std::unique_ptr< TiXmlElement > &rootElement)
 Prepare the XML for load.
bool NeedLoad () const
 Check if window needs a (re)load. The window need to be (re)loaded when window is not loaded or include conditions values were changed.
virtual void SetDefaults ()
void Close_Internal (bool forceClose=false, int nextWindowID=0, bool enableSound=true)
EVENT_RESULT OnMouseAction (const CAction &action)
bool Animate (unsigned int currentTime) override
bool CheckAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE animType) override
void OnEditChanged (int id, std::string &text)
bool SendMessage (int message, int id, int param1=0, int param2=0)
void LoadControl (TiXmlElement *pControl, CGUIControlGroup *pGroup, const CRect &rect)
CPoint GetPosition () const override
 Grabs the window's top,left position in skin coordinates The window origin may change based on <origin> tag conditions in the skin.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIControlLookup
bool IsValidControl (const CGUIControl *control) const
 Check whether a given control is valid Runs through controls and returns whether this control is valid. Only functional for controls with non-zero id.
std::pair< LookupMap::const_iterator, LookupMap::const_iterator > GetLookupControls (int controlId) const
void AddLookup (CGUIControl *control)
void RemoveLookup (CGUIControl *control)
void RemoveLookup ()
const LookupMapGetLookup () const
void ClearLookup ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIControl
virtual bool OnMouseOver (const CPoint &point)
 Called when the mouse is over the control. Default implementation selects the control.
virtual bool CanFocusFromPoint (const CPoint &point) const
 Test whether we can focus a control from a point on screen.
virtual bool UpdateColors (const CGUIListItem *item)
void UpdateStates (ANIMATION_TYPE type, ANIMATION_PROCESS currentProcess, ANIMATION_STATE currentState)
bool SendWindowMessage (CGUIMessage &message) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CGUIWindow
- Public Types inherited from CGUIControl
typedef std::map< int, CGUIActionActionMap
 Set actions to perform on navigation.
- Protected Types inherited from CGUIControlGroup
typedef std::vector< CGUIControl * >::iterator iControls
typedef std::vector< CGUIControl * >::const_iterator ciControls
typedef std::vector< CGUIControl * >::reverse_iterator rControls
typedef std::vector< CGUIControl * >::const_reverse_iterator crControls
- Protected Types inherited from CGUIControlLookup
typedef std::multimap< int, CGUIControl * > LookupMap
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIMediaWindow
static std::string RemoveParameterFromPath (const std::string &strDirectory, const std::string &strParameter)
 Utility method to remove the given parameter from a path/URL.
- Protected Attributes inherited from PVR::CGUIWindowPVRBase
CCriticalSection m_critSection
std::string m_channelGroupPath
bool m_bRadio
std::atomic_bool m_bUpdating = {false}
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIMediaWindow
XFILE::CVirtualDirectory m_rootDir
CGUIViewControl m_viewControl
 items prior to filtering using FilterItems()
CDirectoryHistory m_history
std::unique_ptr< CGUIViewStatem_guiState
std::atomic_bool m_vecItemsUpdating = {false}
CEvent m_updateEvent
std::atomic_bool m_updateAborted = {false}
std::atomic_bool m_updateJobActive = {false}
int m_iLastControl
std::string m_startDirectory
KODI::PLAYLIST::CSmartPlaylist m_filter
bool m_canFilterAdvanced
std::string m_strFilterPath
 Contains the path used for filtering (including any active filter)
bool m_backgroundLoad = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIWindow
std::vector< intm_idRange
bool m_needsScaling
bool m_windowLoaded
LOAD_TYPE m_loadType
bool m_dynamicResourceAlloc
bool m_closing
bool m_active
KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoColor m_clearBackground
int m_renderOrder
std::vector< COriginm_origins
int m_lastControlID
std::vector< CControlStatem_controlStates
int m_previousWindow
bool m_animationsEnabled
CGUIAction m_loadActions
CGUIAction m_unloadActions
std::unique_ptr< TiXmlElement > m_windowXMLRootElement
 window root xml definition after resolving any skin includes. Stored to avoid parsing the XML every time the window is loaded.
bool m_manualRunActions
int m_exclusiveMouseControl
 id of child control that wishes to receive all mouse events
int m_menuControlID
int m_menuLastFocusedControlID
bool m_custom
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControlGroup
std::vector< CGUIControl * > m_children
int m_defaultControl
bool m_defaultAlways
int m_focusedControl
bool m_renderFocusedLast
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControl
ActionMap m_actions
float m_posX
float m_posY
float m_height
float m_width
CRect m_hitRect
KODI::UTILS::COLOR::Color m_hitColor = 0xffffffff
KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoColor m_diffuseColor
int m_controlID
int m_parentID
bool m_bHasFocus
bool m_bInvalidated
bool m_bAllocated
bool m_pulseOnSelect
INFO::InfoPtr m_visibleCondition
GUIVISIBLE m_visible
bool m_visibleFromSkinCondition
bool m_forceHidden
KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoBool m_allowHiddenFocus
bool m_hasProcessed
INFO::InfoPtr m_enableCondition
bool m_enabled
bool m_pushedUpdates
std::vector< CAnimationm_animations
CPoint m_camera
bool m_hasCamera
float m_stereo
TransformMatrix m_transform
TransformMatrix m_cachedTransform
bool m_isCulled {true}
unsigned int m_controlDirtyState
CRect m_renderRegion
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControl
static const unsigned int DIRTY_STATE_CONTROL = 1
static const unsigned int DIRTY_STATE_CHILD = 2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules()

CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules::CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules ( )

◆ ~CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules()

PVR::CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules::~CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDirectoryPath()

std::string CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules::GetDirectoryPath ( )

◆ GetRootPath()

std::string CGUIWindowPVRRadioTimerRules::GetRootPath ( ) const

Reimplemented from CGUIMediaWindow.

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