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PVR::CPVRThumbLoader Class Reference

#include <PVRThumbLoader.h>

Inheritance diagram for PVR::CPVRThumbLoader:
CThumbLoader CBackgroundInfoLoader IRunnable

Public Member Functions

 CPVRThumbLoader ()=default
 ~CPVRThumbLoader () override=default
bool LoadItem (CFileItem *item) override
bool LoadItemCached (CFileItem *item) override
bool LoadItemLookup (CFileItem *item) override
void ClearCachedImage (CFileItem &item)
void ClearCachedImages (const CFileItemList &items)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CThumbLoader
 CThumbLoader ()
 ~CThumbLoader () override
void OnLoaderStart () override
void OnLoaderFinish () override
virtual bool FillLibraryArt (CFileItem &item)
 helper function to fill the art for a library item
virtual std::string GetCachedImage (const CFileItem &item, const std::string &type)
 Checks whether the given item has an image listed in the texture database.
virtual void SetCachedImage (const CFileItem &item, const std::string &type, const std::string &image)
 Associate an image with the given item in the texture database.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBackgroundInfoLoader
 CBackgroundInfoLoader ()
 ~CBackgroundInfoLoader () override
void Load (CFileItemList &items)
bool IsLoading ()
void Run () override
void SetObserver (IBackgroundLoaderObserver *pObserver)
void SetProgressCallback (IProgressCallback *pCallback)
void StopThread ()
void StopAsync ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRunnable
virtual void Cancel ()
virtual ~IRunnable ()=default

Protected Member Functions

void OnLoaderFinish () override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CThumbLoader
- Protected Attributes inherited from CBackgroundInfoLoader
CFileItemListm_pVecItems {nullptr}
std::vector< CFileItemPtrm_vecItems
CCriticalSection m_lock
volatile bool m_bIsLoading {false}
volatile bool m_bStop {true}
CThreadm_thread {nullptr}
IBackgroundLoaderObserverm_pObserver {nullptr}
IProgressCallbackm_pProgressCallback {nullptr}

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CPVRThumbLoader()

PVR::CPVRThumbLoader::CPVRThumbLoader ( )

◆ ~CPVRThumbLoader()

PVR::CPVRThumbLoader::~CPVRThumbLoader ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearCachedImage()

void CPVRThumbLoader::ClearCachedImage ( CFileItem & item)

◆ ClearCachedImages()

void CPVRThumbLoader::ClearCachedImages ( const CFileItemList & items)

◆ LoadItem()

bool CPVRThumbLoader::LoadItem ( CFileItem * item)

Reimplemented from CBackgroundInfoLoader.

◆ LoadItemCached()

bool CPVRThumbLoader::LoadItemCached ( CFileItem * item)

Reimplemented from CBackgroundInfoLoader.

◆ LoadItemLookup()

bool CPVRThumbLoader::LoadItemLookup ( CFileItem * item)

Reimplemented from CBackgroundInfoLoader.

◆ OnLoaderFinish()

void CPVRThumbLoader::OnLoaderFinish ( )

Reimplemented from CBackgroundInfoLoader.

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