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PVR::CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels Class Reference

#include <GUIViewStatePVR.h>

Inheritance diagram for PVR::CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels:

Public Member Functions

 CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels (const int windowId, const CFileItemList &items)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PVR::CGUIViewStatePVR
 CGUIViewStatePVR (const int windowId, const CFileItemList &items)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIViewState
virtual ~CGUIViewState ()
void SetViewAsControl (int viewAsControl)
void SaveViewAsControl (int viewAsControl)
int GetViewAsControl () const
bool ChooseSortMethod ()
SortDescription SetNextSortMethod (int direction=1)
void SetCurrentSortMethod (int method)
SortDescription GetSortMethod () const
bool HasMultipleSortMethods () const
int GetSortMethodLabel () const
int GetSortOrderLabel () const
void GetSortMethodLabelMasks (LABEL_MASKS &masks) const
std::vector< SortDescriptionGetSortDescriptions () const
SortOrder SetNextSortOrder ()
SortOrder GetSortOrder () const
virtual bool HideExtensions ()
virtual bool DisableAddSourceButtons ()
virtual KODI::PLAYLIST::Id GetPlaylist () const
const std::string & GetPlaylistDirectory ()
void SetPlaylistDirectory (const std::string &strDirectory)
bool IsCurrentPlaylistDirectory (const std::string &strDirectory)
virtual bool AutoPlayNextItem ()
virtual std::string GetLockType ()
virtual std::string GetExtensions ()
virtual VECSOURCESGetSources ()

Protected Member Functions

void SaveViewState () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PVR::CGUIViewStatePVR
bool HideParentDirItems () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIViewState
 CGUIViewState (const CFileItemList &items)
virtual void SaveViewToDb (const std::string &path, int windowID, CViewState *viewState=NULL)
void LoadViewState (const std::string &path, int windowID)
void AddLiveTVSources ()
void AddPlaylistOrder (const CFileItemList &items, const LABEL_MASKS &label_masks)
 Add the sort order defined in a smartplaylist Defaults to SORT_METHOD_PLAYLIST_ORDER if no order is defined.
void AddSortMethod (SortBy sortBy, int buttonLabel, const LABEL_MASKS &labelMasks, SortAttribute sortAttributes=SortAttributeNone, SortOrder sortOrder=SortOrderNone)
void AddSortMethod (SortBy sortBy, SortAttribute sortAttributes, int buttonLabel, const LABEL_MASKS &labelMasks, SortOrder sortOrder=SortOrderNone)
void AddSortMethod (SortDescription sortDescription, int buttonLabel, const LABEL_MASKS &labelMasks)
void SetSortMethod (SortBy sortBy, SortOrder sortOrder=SortOrderNone)
void SetSortMethod (SortDescription sortDescription)
void SetSortOrder (SortOrder sortOrder)
bool AutoPlayNextVideoItem () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIViewState
static CGUIViewStateGetViewState (int windowId, const CFileItemList &items)
- Protected Attributes inherited from PVR::CGUIViewStatePVR
int m_windowId
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIViewState
const CFileItemListm_items
int m_currentViewAsControl
KODI::PLAYLIST::Id m_playlist
std::vector< GUIViewSortDetailsm_sortMethods
int m_currentSortMethod
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIViewState
static VECSOURCES m_sources
static std::string m_strPlaylistDirectory

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels()

CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels::CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels ( const int windowId,
const CFileItemList & items )

Member Function Documentation

◆ SaveViewState()

void CGUIViewStateWindowPVRChannels::SaveViewState ( )

Implements CGUIViewState.

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