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XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState Class Reference

#include <CurlFile.h>

Public Member Functions

 CReadState ()
 ~CReadState ()
bool IsHeaderDone (void)
size_t ReadCallback (char *buffer, size_t size, size_t nitems)
size_t WriteCallback (char *buffer, size_t size, size_t nitems)
size_t HeaderCallback (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb)
bool Seek (int64_t pos)
ssize_t Read (void *lpBuf, size_t uiBufSize)
bool ReadString (char *szLine, int iLineLength)
int8_t FillBuffer (unsigned int want)
void SetReadBuffer (const void *lpBuf, int64_t uiBufSize)
void SetResume (void)
long Connect (unsigned int size)
void Disconnect ()

Public Attributes

CRingBuffer m_buffer
unsigned int m_bufferSize
char * m_overflowBuffer
unsigned int m_overflowSize
int m_stillRunning
bool m_cancelled
int64_t m_fileSize
int64_t m_filePos
bool m_bFirstLoop
bool m_isPaused
bool m_sendRange
bool m_bLastError
bool m_bRetry
char * m_readBuffer
CHttpHeader m_httpheader
curl_slist * m_curlHeaderList
curl_slist * m_curlAliasList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CReadState()

CCurlFile::CReadState::CReadState ( )

◆ ~CReadState()

CCurlFile::CReadState::~CReadState ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Connect()

long CCurlFile::CReadState::Connect ( unsigned int size)

◆ Disconnect()

void CCurlFile::CReadState::Disconnect ( )

◆ FillBuffer()

int8_t CCurlFile::CReadState::FillBuffer ( unsigned int want)

◆ HeaderCallback()

size_t CCurlFile::CReadState::HeaderCallback ( void * ptr,
size_t size,
size_t nmemb )

◆ IsHeaderDone()

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::IsHeaderDone ( void )

◆ Read()

ssize_t CCurlFile::CReadState::Read ( void * lpBuf,
size_t uiBufSize )

◆ ReadCallback()

size_t CCurlFile::CReadState::ReadCallback ( char * buffer,
size_t size,
size_t nitems )

◆ ReadString()

bool CCurlFile::CReadState::ReadString ( char * szLine,
int iLineLength )

◆ Seek()

bool CCurlFile::CReadState::Seek ( int64_t pos)

◆ SetReadBuffer()

void CCurlFile::CReadState::SetReadBuffer ( const void * lpBuf,
int64_t uiBufSize )

◆ SetResume()

void CCurlFile::CReadState::SetResume ( void )

◆ WriteCallback()

size_t CCurlFile::CReadState::WriteCallback ( char * buffer,
size_t size,
size_t nitems )
Limit max. amount of the overflowbuffer

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bFirstLoop

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_bFirstLoop

◆ m_bLastError

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_bLastError

◆ m_bRetry

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_bRetry

◆ m_buffer

CRingBuffer XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_buffer

◆ m_bufferSize

unsigned int XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_bufferSize

◆ m_cancelled

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_cancelled

◆ m_curlAliasList

curl_slist* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_curlAliasList

◆ m_curlHeaderList

curl_slist* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_curlHeaderList

◆ m_easyHandle

CURL_HANDLE* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_easyHandle

◆ m_filePos

int64_t XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_filePos

◆ m_fileSize

int64_t XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_fileSize

◆ m_httpheader

CHttpHeader XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_httpheader

◆ m_isPaused

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_isPaused

◆ m_multiHandle

CURLM* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_multiHandle

◆ m_overflowBuffer

char* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_overflowBuffer

◆ m_overflowSize

unsigned int XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_overflowSize

◆ m_readBuffer

char* XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_readBuffer

◆ m_sendRange

bool XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_sendRange

◆ m_stillRunning

int XFILE::CCurlFile::CReadState::m_stillRunning

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