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XFILE::IFileDirectory Class Referenceabstract

#include <IFileDirectory.h>

Inheritance diagram for XFILE::IFileDirectory:
XFILE::IDirectory ADDON::CVFSEntryIFileDirectoryWrapper XFILE::CAPKDirectory XFILE::CAudioBookFileDirectory XFILE::CDVDDirectory XFILE::CISO9660Directory XFILE::CMusicFileDirectory XFILE::CPlaylistFileDirectory XFILE::CRSSDirectory XFILE::CSmartPlaylistDirectory XFILE::CUDFDirectory XFILE::CXbtDirectory XFILE::CZipDirectory

Public Member Functions

 ~IFileDirectory () override=default
virtual bool ContainsFiles (const CURL &url)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from XFILE::IDirectory
 IDirectory ()
virtual ~IDirectory (void)
virtual bool GetDirectory (const CURL &url, CFileItemList &items)=0
 Get the items of the directory strPath.
virtual float GetProgress () const
 Retrieve the progress of the current directory fetch (if possible).
virtual void CancelDirectory ()
 Cancel the current directory fetch (if possible).
virtual bool Create (const CURL &url)
 Create the directory.
virtual bool Exists (const CURL &url)
 Check for directory existence.
virtual bool Remove (const CURL &url)
 Removes the directory.
virtual bool RemoveRecursive (const CURL &url)
 Recursively removes the directory.
virtual bool IsAllowed (const CURL &url) const
 Whether this file should be listed.
virtual bool AllowAll () const
 Whether to allow all files/folders to be listed.
virtual DIR_CACHE_TYPE GetCacheType (const CURL &url) const
 How this directory should be cached.
void SetMask (const std::string &strMask)
 Set a mask of extensions for the files in the directory.
void SetFlags (int flags)
 Set the flags for this directory handler.
bool ProcessRequirements ()
 Process additional requirements before the directory fetch is performed. Some directory fetches may require authentication, keyboard input etc. The IDirectory subclass should call GetKeyboardInput, SetErrorDialog or RequireAuthentication and then return false from the GetDirectory method. CDirectory will then prompt for input from the user, before re-calling the GetDirectory method.
virtual bool Resolve (CFileItem &item) const
 Resolves a given item to a playable item.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XFILE::IDirectory
static void RegisterProfileManager (const CProfileManager &profileManager)
static void UnregisterProfileManager ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XFILE::IDirectory
bool GetKeyboardInput (const CVariant &heading, std::string &input, bool hiddenInput=false)
 Prompt the user for some keyboard input Call this method from the GetDirectory method to retrieve additional input from the user. If this function returns false then no input has been received, and the GetDirectory call should return false.
void SetErrorDialog (const CVariant &heading, const CVariant &line1, const CVariant &line2=0, const CVariant &line3=0)
 Show an error dialog on failure of GetDirectory call Call this method from the GetDirectory method to set an error message to be shown to the user.
void RequireAuthentication (const CURL &url)
 Prompt the user for authentication of a URL. Call this method from the GetDirectory method when authentication is required from the user, before returning false from the GetDirectory call. The user will be prompted for authentication, and GetDirectory will be re-called.
- Protected Attributes inherited from XFILE::IDirectory
std::string m_strFileMask
 Holds the file mask specified by SetMask()
int m_flags
 Directory flags - see DIR_FLAG.
CVariant m_requirements
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from XFILE::IDirectory
static const CProfileManagerm_profileManager = nullptr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IFileDirectory()

XFILE::IFileDirectory::~IFileDirectory ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ContainsFiles()

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