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XFILE::CMultiPathFile Class Reference

#include <MultiPathFile.h>

Inheritance diagram for XFILE::CMultiPathFile:
XFILE::COverrideFile XFILE::IFile

Public Member Functions

 CMultiPathFile (void)
 ~CMultiPathFile (void) override
bool Open (const CURL &url) override
bool Exists (const CURL &url) override
int Stat (const CURL &url, struct __stat64 *buffer) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XFILE::COverrideFile
 COverrideFile (bool writable)
 ~COverrideFile () override
bool Open (const CURL &url) override
bool Exists (const CURL &url) override
int Stat (const CURL &url, struct __stat64 *buffer) override
int Stat (struct __stat64 *buffer) override
bool OpenForWrite (const CURL &url, bool bOverWrite=false) override
bool Delete (const CURL &url) override
bool Rename (const CURL &url, const CURL &urlnew) override
ssize_t Read (void *lpBuf, size_t uiBufSize) override
ssize_t Write (const void *lpBuf, size_t uiBufSize) override
int64_t Seek (int64_t iFilePosition, int iWhence=SEEK_SET) override
void Close () override
int64_t GetPosition () override
int64_t GetLength () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XFILE::IFile
 IFile ()
virtual ~IFile ()
virtual bool ReOpen (const CURL &url)
virtual bool ReadString (char *szLine, int iLineLength)
virtual void Flush ()
virtual int Truncate (int64_t size)
virtual int GetChunkSize ()
virtual double GetDownloadSpeed ()
virtual bool SetHidden (const CURL &url, bool hidden)
virtual int IoControl (EIoControl request, void *param)
virtual const std::string GetProperty (XFILE::FileProperty type, const std::string &name="") const
virtual const std::vector< std::string > GetPropertyValues (XFILE::FileProperty type, const std::string &name="") const

Protected Member Functions

std::string TranslatePath (const CURL &url) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from XFILE::COverrideFile
CFile m_file
bool m_writable

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CMultiPathFile()

CMultiPathFile::CMultiPathFile ( void )

◆ ~CMultiPathFile()

CMultiPathFile::~CMultiPathFile ( void )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Exists()

bool CMultiPathFile::Exists ( const CURL & url)

Implements XFILE::IFile.

◆ Open()

bool CMultiPathFile::Open ( const CURL & url)

Implements XFILE::IFile.

◆ Stat()

int CMultiPathFile::Stat ( const CURL & url,
struct __stat64 * buffer )

Fills struct __stat64 with information about file specified by url. For st_mode function will set correctly _S_IFDIR (directory) flag and may set _S_IREAD (read permission), _S_IWRITE (write permission) flags if such information is available. Function may set st_size (file size), st_atime, st_mtime, st_ctime (access, modification, creation times). Any other flags and members of __stat64 that didn't updated with actual file information will be set to zero (st_nlink can be set ether to 1 or zero).

urlspecifies requested file
bufferpointer to __stat64 buffer to receive information about file
zero of success, -1 otherwise.

Implements XFILE::IFile.

◆ TranslatePath()

std::string CMultiPathFile::TranslatePath ( const CURL & url)

Implements XFILE::COverrideFile.

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