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ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB Class Reference

#include <AddonInfoBuilder.h>

Public Member Functions

 CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB ()
void SetId (std::string id)
void SetName (std::string name)
void SetLicense (std::string license)
void SetSummary (std::string summary)
void SetDescription (std::string description)
void SetDisclaimer (std::string disclaimer)
void SetAuthor (std::string author)
void SetSource (std::string source)
void SetWebsite (std::string website)
void SetForum (std::string forum)
void SetEMail (std::string email)
void SetIcon (std::string icon)
void SetArt (const std::string &type, std::string value)
void SetArt (std::map< std::string, std::string > art)
void SetScreenshots (std::vector< std::string > screenshots)
void SetChangelog (std::string changelog)
void SetLifecycleState (AddonLifecycleState state, std::string description)
void SetPath (std::string path)
void SetLibName (std::string libname)
void SetVersion (CAddonVersion version)
void SetDependencies (std::vector< DependencyInfo > dependencies)
void SetExtrainfo (InfoMap extrainfo)
void SetInstallDate (const CDateTime &installDate)
void SetLastUpdated (const CDateTime &lastUpdated)
void SetLastUsed (const CDateTime &lastUsed)
void SetOrigin (std::string origin)
void SetPackageSize (uint64_t size)
void SetExtensions (CAddonType addonType)
const AddonInfoPtrget ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB()

ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

const AddonInfoPtr & ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::get ( )

◆ SetArt() [1/2]

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetArt ( const std::string & type,
std::string value )

◆ SetArt() [2/2]

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetArt ( std::map< std::string, std::string > art)

◆ SetAuthor()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetAuthor ( std::string author)

◆ SetChangelog()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetChangelog ( std::string changelog)

◆ SetDependencies()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetDependencies ( std::vector< DependencyInfo > dependencies)

◆ SetDescription()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetDescription ( std::string description)

◆ SetDisclaimer()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetDisclaimer ( std::string disclaimer)

◆ SetEMail()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetEMail ( std::string email)

◆ SetExtensions()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetExtensions ( CAddonType addonType)

◆ SetExtrainfo()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetExtrainfo ( InfoMap extrainfo)

◆ SetForum()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetForum ( std::string forum)

◆ SetIcon()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetIcon ( std::string icon)

◆ SetId()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetId ( std::string id)

◆ SetInstallDate()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetInstallDate ( const CDateTime & installDate)

◆ SetLastUpdated()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetLastUpdated ( const CDateTime & lastUpdated)

◆ SetLastUsed()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetLastUsed ( const CDateTime & lastUsed)

◆ SetLibName()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetLibName ( std::string libname)

◆ SetLicense()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetLicense ( std::string license)

◆ SetLifecycleState()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetLifecycleState ( AddonLifecycleState state,
std::string description )

◆ SetName()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetName ( std::string name)

◆ SetOrigin()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetOrigin ( std::string origin)

◆ SetPackageSize()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetPackageSize ( uint64_t size)

◆ SetPath()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetPath ( std::string path)

◆ SetScreenshots()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetScreenshots ( std::vector< std::string > screenshots)

◆ SetSource()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetSource ( std::string source)

◆ SetSummary()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetSummary ( std::string summary)

◆ SetVersion()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetVersion ( CAddonVersion version)

◆ SetWebsite()

void ADDON::CAddonInfoBuilderFromDB::SetWebsite ( std::string website)

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