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ADDON::Interface_GUIDialogContextMenu Struct Reference

Global gui Add-on to Kodi callback functions. More...

#include <ContextMenu.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void Init (AddonGlobalInterface *addonInterface)
static void DeInit (AddonGlobalInterface *addonInterface)
static int open (KODI_HANDLE kodiBase, const char *heading, const char *entries[], unsigned int size)
 callback functions from add-on to kodi

Detailed Description

Global gui Add-on to Kodi callback functions.

To hold functions not related to a instance type and usable for every add-on type.

Related add-on header is "./xbmc/addons/kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/gui/dialogs/ContextMenu.h"

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeInit()

void ADDON::Interface_GUIDialogContextMenu::DeInit ( AddonGlobalInterface * addonInterface)

◆ Init()

void ADDON::Interface_GUIDialogContextMenu::Init ( AddonGlobalInterface * addonInterface)

◆ open()

int ADDON::Interface_GUIDialogContextMenu::open ( KODI_HANDLE kodiBase,
const char * heading,
const char * entries[],
unsigned int size )

callback functions from add-on to kodi

To add a new function use the "_" style to directly identify an add-on callback function. Everything with CamelCase is only to be used in Kodi.

The parameter kodiBase is used to become the pointer for a CAddonDll class.

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