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ActiveAE::CSoundPacket Class Reference

#include <ActiveAEBuffer.h>

Public Member Functions

 CSoundPacket (const SampleConfig &conf, int samples)
 ~CSoundPacket ()

Public Attributes

uint8_t ** data
SampleConfig config
int bytes_per_sample
int linesize
int planes
int nb_samples
int max_nb_samples
int pause_burst_ms

Detailed Description

the variables here follow ffmpeg naming

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSoundPacket()

CSoundPacket::CSoundPacket ( const SampleConfig & conf,
int samples )

◆ ~CSoundPacket()

CSoundPacket::~CSoundPacket ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_per_sample

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::bytes_per_sample

◆ config

SampleConfig ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::config

◆ data

uint8_t** ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::data

◆ linesize

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::linesize

◆ max_nb_samples

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::max_nb_samples

◆ nb_samples

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::nb_samples

◆ pause_burst_ms

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::pause_burst_ms

◆ planes

int ActiveAE::CSoundPacket::planes

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