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CDebugRenderer::CRenderer Class Reference

#include <DebugRenderer.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDebugRenderer::CRenderer:
OVERLAY::CRenderer Observer

Public Member Functions

 CRenderer ()
void Render (int idx, float depth=1.0f) override
void CreateSubtitlesStyle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OVERLAY::CRenderer
 CRenderer ()
virtual ~CRenderer ()
void Notify (const Observable &obs, const ObservableMessage msg) override
 Process a message from an observable.
void AddOverlay (std::shared_ptr< CDVDOverlay > o, double pts, int index)
void UnInit ()
 Release resources.
void Flush ()
void Reset ()
 Reset to default values.
void Release (int idx)
bool HasOverlay (int idx)
void SetVideoRect (CRect &source, CRect &dest, CRect &view)
void SetStereoMode (const std::string &stereomode)
void SetSubtitleVerticalPosition (const int value, bool save)
 Set the subtitle vertical position, it depends on current screen resolution.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Observer
 Observer ()=default
virtual ~Observer ()=default

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from OVERLAY::CRenderer
enum  PositonResInfoState { POSRESINFO_UNSET = -1 , POSRESINFO_SAVE_CHANGES = -2 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OVERLAY::CRenderer
void ResetSubtitlePosition ()
 Reset the subtitle position to default value.
void OnViewChange ()
 Called when the screen resolution is changed.
void Render (COverlay *o)
std::shared_ptr< COverlayConvert (CDVDOverlay &o, double pts)
std::shared_ptr< COverlayConvertLibass (CDVDOverlayLibass &o, double pts, bool updateStyle, const std::shared_ptr< struct KODI::SUBTITLES::STYLE::style > &overlayStyle)
 Convert the overlay to a overlay renderer.
void CreateSubtitlesStyle ()
void Release (std::vector< SElement > &list)
void ReleaseCache ()
void ReleaseUnused ()
void LoadSettings ()
 Load and store settings locally.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OVERLAY::CRenderer
CCriticalSection m_section
std::vector< SElementm_buffers [NUM_BUFFERS]
std::map< unsigned int, std::shared_ptr< COverlay > > m_textureCache
CRect m_rv
CRect m_rs
CRect m_rd
std::string m_stereomode
int m_subtitlePosition {0}
int m_subtitlePosResInfo {POSRESINFO_UNSET}
int m_subtitleVerticalMargin {0}
bool m_saveSubtitlePosition {false}
KODI::SUBTITLES::HorizontalAlign m_subtitleHorizontalAlign
std::shared_ptr< struct KODI::SUBTITLES::STYLE::stylem_overlayStyle
std::atomic< boolm_isSettingsChanged {false}
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from OVERLAY::CRenderer
static unsigned int m_textureid = 1

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CRenderer()

CDebugRenderer::CRenderer::CRenderer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateSubtitlesStyle()

void CDebugRenderer::CRenderer::CreateSubtitlesStyle ( )

◆ Render()

void CDebugRenderer::CRenderer::Render ( int idx,
float depth = 1.0f )

Reimplemented from OVERLAY::CRenderer.

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