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XBMCAddon::AddonClass Class Reference

#include <AddonClass.h>

Inheritance diagram for XBMCAddon::AddonClass:
XBMCAddon::AddonCallback XBMCAddon::AsyncCallbackMessage XBMCAddon::Callback XBMCAddon::CallbackHandler XBMCAddon::LanguageHook XBMCAddon::xbmc::Actor XBMCAddon::xbmc::AudioStreamDetail XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagGame XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagMusic XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagPicture XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagRadioRDS XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagVideo XBMCAddon::xbmc::Keyboard XBMCAddon::xbmc::PlayList XBMCAddon::xbmc::RenderCapture XBMCAddon::xbmc::SubtitleStreamDetail XBMCAddon::xbmc::VideoStreamDetail XBMCAddon::xbmcaddon::Addon XBMCAddon::xbmcaddon::Settings XBMCAddon::xbmcdrm::CryptoSession XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Control XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Dialog XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::DialogProgress XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::DialogProgressBG XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::ListItem XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::File XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::Stat XBMCAddon::xbmcwsgi::WsgiErrorStream XBMCAddon::xbmcwsgi::WsgiInputStreamIterator XBMCAddon::xbmcwsgi::WsgiResponse XBMCAddon::xbmcwsgi::WsgiResponseBody


class  Ref

Public Member Functions

 AddonClass ()
virtual ~AddonClass ()
const char * GetClassname () const
LanguageHookGetLanguageHook ()
bool isDeallocating ()
void Release () const
void Acquire () const

Static Public Member Functions

static short getNumAddonClasses ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deallocating ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static short getNextClassIndex ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

This class is the superclass for all reference counted classes in the api. It provides a means for the bindings to handle all api objects generically.

It also provides some means for debugging "lifecycle" events (see the above description of LOG_LIFECYCLE_EVENTS).

If a scripting language bindings require specific handling there is a hook to add in these language specifics that can be set here.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AddonClass()

XBMCAddon::AddonClass::AddonClass ( )

◆ ~AddonClass()

XBMCAddon::AddonClass::~AddonClass ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Acquire()

void XBMCAddon::AddonClass::Acquire ( ) const

◆ deallocating()

virtual void XBMCAddon::AddonClass::deallocating ( )

This method is meant to be called from the destructor of the lowest level class.

It's virtual because it's a convenient place to receive messages that we're about to go be deleted but prior to any real tear-down.

Any overloading classes need to remember to pass the call up the chain.

Reimplemented in XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::DialogProgress, XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::DialogProgressBG, and XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Window.

◆ GetClassname()

const char * XBMCAddon::AddonClass::GetClassname ( ) const

◆ GetLanguageHook()

LanguageHook * XBMCAddon::AddonClass::GetLanguageHook ( )

◆ getNextClassIndex()

static short XBMCAddon::AddonClass::getNextClassIndex ( )

This is meant to be called during static initialization and so isn't synchronized.

◆ getNumAddonClasses()

static short XBMCAddon::AddonClass::getNumAddonClasses ( )

◆ isDeallocating()

bool XBMCAddon::AddonClass::isDeallocating ( )

This method should be called while holding a Synchronize on the object. It will prevent the deallocation during the time it's held.

◆ Release()

void XBMCAddon::AddonClass::Release ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ languageHook

LanguageHook* XBMCAddon::AddonClass::languageHook

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