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XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal Class Reference

#include <DllLibCurl.h>

Inheritance diagram for XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal:


struct  SSession

Public Types

typedef struct XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::SSession SSession
typedef std::vector< SSessionVEC_CURLSESSIONS

Public Member Functions

 DllLibCurlGlobal ()
 ~DllLibCurlGlobal ()
void easy_acquire (const char *protocol, const char *hostname, CURL_HANDLE **easy_handle, CURLM **multi_handle)
void easy_release (CURL_HANDLE **easy_handle, CURLM **multi_handle)
void easy_duplicate (CURL_HANDLE *easy, const CURLM *multi, CURL_HANDLE **easy_out, CURLM **multi_out)
CURL_HANDLEeasy_duphandle (CURL_HANDLE *easy_handle) override
void CheckIdle ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XCURL::DllLibCurl
virtual ~DllLibCurl ()=default
CURLcode global_init (long flags)
void global_cleanup ()
CURL_HANDLEeasy_init ()
template<typename... Args>
CURLcode easy_setopt (CURL_HANDLE *handle, CURLoption option, Args... args)
CURLcode easy_perform (CURL_HANDLE *handle)
CURLcode easy_pause (CURL_HANDLE *handle, int bitmask)
void easy_reset (CURL_HANDLE *handle)
template<typename... Args>
CURLcode easy_getinfo (CURL_HANDLE *curl, CURLINFO info, Args... args)
void easy_cleanup (CURL_HANDLE *handle)
CURLMmulti_init (void)
CURLMcode multi_add_handle (CURLM *multi_handle, CURL_HANDLE *easy_handle)
CURLMcode multi_perform (CURLM *multi_handle, int *running_handles)
CURLMcode multi_remove_handle (CURLM *multi_handle, CURL_HANDLE *easy_handle)
CURLMcode multi_fdset (CURLM *multi_handle, fd_set *read_fd_set, fd_set *write_fd_set, fd_set *exc_fd_set, int *max_fd)
CURLMcode multi_timeout (CURLM *multi_handle, long *timeout)
CURLMsg * multi_info_read (CURLM *multi_handle, int *msgs_in_queue)
CURLMcode multi_cleanup (CURLM *handle)
curl_slist * slist_append (curl_slist *list, const char *to_append)
void slist_free_all (curl_slist *list)
const char * easy_strerror (CURLcode code)

Public Attributes

CCriticalSection m_critSection

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ SSession

typedef struct XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::SSession XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::SSession


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DllLibCurlGlobal()

XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::DllLibCurlGlobal ( )

◆ ~DllLibCurlGlobal()

XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::~DllLibCurlGlobal ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckIdle()

void XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::CheckIdle ( )

◆ easy_acquire()

void XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::easy_acquire ( const char * protocol,
const char * hostname,
CURL_HANDLE ** easy_handle,
CURLM ** multi_handle )

◆ easy_duphandle()

CURL_HANDLE * XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::easy_duphandle ( CURL_HANDLE * easy_handle)

Reimplemented from XCURL::DllLibCurl.

◆ easy_duplicate()

void XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::easy_duplicate ( CURL_HANDLE * easy,
const CURLM * multi,
CURL_HANDLE ** easy_out,
CURLM ** multi_out )

◆ easy_release()

void XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::easy_release ( CURL_HANDLE ** easy_handle,
CURLM ** multi_handle )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_critSection

CCriticalSection XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::m_critSection

◆ m_sessions

VEC_CURLSESSIONS XCURL::DllLibCurlGlobal::m_sessions

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